Former Dutch NT Player Ingrid Visser Missing

  • Former Dutch international Ingrid Visser and her partner Lodewijk Severein have been missing since Monday. (Lodewijk Severein was the NT team manager, as well as the main sponsor of Amstelveen for several years and is the father of Amstelveen player Romi Severein and former Amstelveen player Lisa Severein).

    They were last seen on May 13th in the Spanish city of Murcia (where Visser played a few years back) but haven't returned to the hotel where they had checked in. Currently, a search is underway from the Netherlands and by the local police in Spain.

    According to Volleybalkrant, there will be a press release with more info later today.

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    Let's hope for the best...

  • Didn't hear anything about the press conference, all they seem to have released are the official missing person files. For the record, here they are:…mei/00-ingrid-visser.html…00-lodewijk-severein.html

    Volleywood added the following earlier:

    "Ingrid and Lodewijk missed some meetings on Tuesday and the car they rented from Alicante airport also missing.

    According to our source, they booked the hotel from Monday – Wednesday (May 13th-15th). Police have started their investigation which includes reviewing recordings from various CCTV cameras."

  • If Someone disappeared on Monday and We have now Sunday logic say in 99% They were killed. Let's hope only Someone will find bodies someday.

  • Some reports even stated their car was missing. I'm sorry but I remembered what happened a while ago with 4 youngs kids in Brazil when they were missing for almost a week and then the car was found with the bodies inside and we learnt it was an accident while driving so the car felt on a river and none of them could get out.

  • RIP

    ı dont know what does it mean.tell us please bartek.

  • RIP means rest in peace.
    It's true that in most cases, disappeared people are found dead, but as long as nothing is certain we have to hope for the best!!! ;(

    thanks matthias.ı hope they are live and we will be happy.

  • If Someone disappeared on Monday and We have now Sunday logic say in 99% They were killed. Let's hope only Someone will find bodies someday.

    How can u say that?

  • This history is getting darker...I dont like that. :(…sser-husband-are-missing/

    May 19th, 2013
    The search continues in Murcia, Spain.

    It’s been almost a week since Ingrid and her husband were last seen arriving in the Spanish city.

    Volleywood has learned that the couple had a medical appointment on Tuesday but the clinic reported that they did not show up for their appointment.

    Ingrid was scheduled to see a fertility doctor onto help her with getting pregnant. We’ve also been informed that the couple did not use any of their credit cards since they arrived in Murcia, Spain. They did not use their credit card for their rental car.

    Their cellphones have also been turned off.

    Some of their immediate families are flying to Murcia to help with the search.

    Ingrid and Lodewijk have been officially reported missing per Dutch police.