Retired players

  • Carol Albuquerque (setter, Brazil) retired in the beginning of the year and had a farewell match during the Superliga playing in Osasco

  • Jenny Barazza has announced her retirement from volleyball.

    where was she playing?

  • Who is left from the Thai golden girls? Are Malika, Onuma, and Pleumjit also retired?

  • Francesca Picininni always give beautiful energy and vibrant soul vibe on court. I wasn’t following volleyball during her hey day but I read & watch her glory days on YouTube and I am kind sad I missed her greatness. But I will always remember how she came in during clutch time on that QF London Olympics against Korea and tried her best to help her team, playing great reception and defense.

    I read about the drama surrounding their team during London Olympics but I have a feeling the queen is innocent. 😂

  • I’m sad because She stayed in Busto and She could be starter in any other middle level team so that We could enjoy in her last time. Ofc her age probably doesn’t let her to be full time starter but still... ;(

  • 23 APRIL 2021

    Two players from the Sichuan women's volleyball team have announced their retirements on the social media platform: Zhang Xiao-ya (MB, shirt #8) and Liu Mei-ling (setter, shirt #15) due to the long time injuries.

    Zhang Xiao-ya 张晓雅 wrote on her social media platform: “I have gone through all the trials and hardships. I miss you so much. I'm happy to graduate.”

    Later, teammate Liu Mei-ling 刘美玲 also updated the news and wrote: “Thank you for your trust and support. I didn't expect that I could stick to it. I just started to resume training before the Spring Festival (early Feb 2021). Nearly two months of training went through the trials and hardships. I have nothing more to prove. I love you all. Happy graduation, no more sequels.”

    Both players mentioned the four Chinese characters “毕业快乐” mean “Happy Graduation”, which also mean that they will turn around and leave and start new lives.

    In fact, the retirements of the two are expected by the fans. First of all, Zhang Xiao-ya has a serious back injury, and on last year's championship and league match she was unable to compete because she's in the recovery period. Zhang Xiao-ya was a familiar face in the Chinese women's volleyball team for being selected as part of the NT squad for the 2015 World Cup as well as played in some WGP / VNL and Montreux.

    Liu Mei-ling resolutely decided to come back for the sake of Sichuan team in the just ended National Games Preliminary, and naturally will leave after that event.

    Wish both of them happy lives and successes in the next endeavours! 🍻🍻 👏👏👏

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

  • According to Azeri press, Natalya Mammadova ends her career.

    I know Natalya is old school player and doesn’t have much fan around here but she was a very good player circa 2005, I think. I remember she used to score 30+ even 40+ in many matches. She used to receive 80+ sets in most of the matches and played with good percentage in Azerrail Baku. Volleyball was different back then and they were able to get some good results. I think they even made to final four in CL, maybe in 2005 or 2006. They were playing with all Azeri players and they also had some good results in NT, I think 4th in ECH. I was absorbing whatever volleyball I could get because it wasn’t this easy to reach for volleyball matches. There were many matches of her I watched on Idman Baku TV. I will always cherish those memories. (Even if you can’t remember the volleyball, there is noway you could forget those ugly jerseys they wore😂)

  • wasn't her that eliminate hersel the unbeatable and king of italy scavolini pesaro of olympic champions sheilla,mari and ze roberto?

    She used to be a beast in 2006 wch and grand prix

  • Brazilian Pesaro was eliminated by Tenerife (Lamas, Demir, Tom, Rosner, Fernandez, Visser, Lopez). What a team! :love:

    Pesaro had Berg, Sheilla, Mari, Costagrande, Maculewicz, Guiggi, Puerari. Amazing teams. Amazing level. :love:

  • wasn't her that eliminate hersel the unbeatable and king of italy scavolini pesaro of olympic champions sheilla,mari and ze roberto?

    She used to be a beast in 2006 wch and grand prix

    I remember her in WGP 2006 match against Poland they lost 2:3 and she was crying at leats 2 times during match and after she got blocked 2-3 times in a row by Poland and finally scored she was complaining to Parkhomenko (then Guliyeva) for sets :lol: