Hello from a Chinese Fan in the UK

  • Hi all,

    Really thrilled to come join this website! I am a huge fan of Todor Skrimov, the outside hitter in Bulgaria men's national team.

    Really hope to have fun, and bring more fun if I can in here!


  • Welcome

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Welcome here and have fun! Skrimov is a good player - very technical and with good jump which compensates the fact that he is not that tall.

    Thanks a lot!
    His performance in Bulgaria's second match against France on 9th June really shocked me. 82.35% excellent reception, that's... nuts!

  • Thanks a lot!
    His performance in Bulgaria's second match against France on 9th June really shocked me. 82.35% excellent reception, that's... nuts!

    Yes he had good game on Sunday. He was very stable in reception and effective in attack. To be honest the first time I heard about him was last year when Matey left the team and he had to play instead of him. The first game wasn't that good, but then he improved so much the last summer and suddenly he just exploded in London. Especially in the game we had against Poland. He's really clever player. I like the fact that he has this technical manner and manages to play like that. His serve is also good.

    I hope that he will be that stable in reception against Argentina because they are very difficult for us to handle.

  • Hi there :wavy:

    Pleasure for me to welcome a fan of Skrimov since I'm a big fan of Bulgarian NT and I like every single guy ;)

    I saw your post earlier but I wasn't in best form to welcome you properly. I am now. So... welcome in the best volley forum ever :thumbsup: Be very active and I hope to see you in WL thread not only during Bulgarian NT matches. I can't wait for the biggest event when my team finally meet Bulgarian. Always a lot of goin' on when these two teams battle with each other :D You can't miss it ;)

    I envy you that you live in London. This place is on a top of my places-to-see list :roll: And it had to be a real paradise for you last summer since you could feel this Olympic atmosphere.

    Hey, and I realize we don't know your name yet. Can you tell?

    Ok, I'm ending 'cause it began to look so long. Again. Enjoy every single minute of your staying here! ;) See ya!

  • Hi Bella,

    My name is Mu, which goes like a cow: mooooooo... :| Thanks for the warm welcome! I wish to give a squeeze given we are both fans of Bulgarian men's NT, because seldom people in China care about this team, which oddly made feel so superior... 8)

    I swear I am not missing any of their games in the following couple of weeks. But, it is such a shame neither POL nor BUL has no matches this weekend. Anyway, we can have further discussion about this in WL thread for sure.

    Speaking of 2012 Olympics, I regret a lot not being around in that spectacular summer. Still, I agree that London is a super fantastic place. For me, it is more of fun and diversity than Beijing where I stayed for 5 years.

    Hope I make sense. Have only been in London for 8 months, and English is not really where my confidence lies. :( Plus, really excited to see such welcome!