Transfer news

  • Quote from "Armel"

    Hichem Guemmadi: (Algerian international spiker, awarded best scorer of the 2007 IECL final 4) leaving Tours

    Hichem Guemmadi will play in Dubai with Al-Nasr next year.
    He had contacts with Cuneo, Milan and Tarento but decided to go the Emirates instead of Italy.

  • Hubner from Trentino to Treviso
    Lebl from Perugia to Macerata
    Schops from Vfb Friedrichshafen to Iskra Odincowo (??)

    AZS Olsztyn wants 2 players from Padova: Bjorn Andrae (GER) and Mikko Esko (FIN)

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    Schops from Vfb Friedrichshafen to Iskra Odincowo (??)

    And Verbov probably leaving Belgorod to go to Iskra too.

    Continuation of the "Antiga serial" , according to he still has not taken any decision.
    Does he fly away to US without making a choice or is simply a little bit late about it ?
    I'm pretty sure that the french commentators of the USA-France WL matches would have some news about it.(and it may even be in the french papers before)

    So, to be continued ... :wink2:

  • Alexei Kazakov and Alexei Kuleshov will play in Iskra too and maybe Matei Kaziyski will stay in Dynamo Moscow

  • Ivan Ilić (SRB) from Aon HotVolleys Vienna, Aleksandar Mitrović (SRB) from Halkbank Ankara, Ihosvany Hernandez Rivera (CUB) from Fenerbahce Stambul to Resovia Rzeszów (Poland).

  • Thiago Aranha from Paris Volley to ARKASSPOR(TURKEY)

  • ı think that solves the problem Alter Ego :wink2:

  • Quote from "Alter Ego"

    I dun get this :D

    He must have changed his mind, because he announced his coming in Iraklis in french newspapers himself ... :wink2:

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    News about Antiga: Right now he hasn't signed anything neither with Belchatow nor with Ufa. Belchatow makes a 4 years offer and Ufa only 8 months (but probably a lot of money !) , it seems Belgorod is also getting interested to have him. He will make a choice before tomorrow (because tomorrow he will flight to US for the WL matches).
    And De Kegret may not go to Ufa if Antiga doesn't come with him...

    Official news: Antiga signed contract with Skra Bełchatów.
    What about De Keger? He will go to Ufa?

  • Yes that's official, and honestly I believe he made the best choice.

    For De Kergret, I don't know. The fact that Antiga was coming along with him was important in his decision, because he had planed that his family will remain living in Tours. I know he will earn a lot of money, but he will probably find the time very long here alone.

    I'm not sure whether he signed a contract with Ufa or not.

    And another TVB's player his going to Russia too.

    It's not official, but according to a very well informed member of a French forum , Mehdi Hachemi signed with a Russian team. (She did not remember the name of the team though ...)

  • Quote from "Armel"

    Guillaume Samica : (French international spiker) leaving Poitiers to Italy (Treviso ? Verona ?)

    If news on are confirm he will be play in Sparkling Milano.
    And Granvorka in Copra Piacenza.

  • News on are correct ! :wink2:

  • In Copra Piacenza will be play Gromadowski (POL spiker).
    In Jastrzębski Węgiel probably will be play Evgeni Ivanov (BUL middle blocker) and Konstantinov (BUL receiver).
    And Pliński (POL middle blocker) from Jastrzębski Węgiel to Skra Bełchatów.

  • Simon Tisher (setter of Friedrichshafen and the German national team) signed a 1+1 years contract with Iraklis.
    Apparently Aranha had already signed some kind of contract with Iraklis first, but then he decided to go to Turkey. Iraklis will notify CEV about the incident.

  • Quote from "Marsia"

    Iraklis will notify CEV about the incident.

    Keep us informed on this ... :wink2: