teams looking for position 4.

  • i know couple of teams who play in the top division in their country who are looking for good pos 4 players, i am not sure if that's the best way to publish it, but if someone is interested, and is a good player with some experience in nice league send me a message and i'll give more details.


    I hope i am not breaking any forum law writing this...


  • Hah, not at all ;) It's a good way to find out if we have really good players registered in inside-volley :)

  • I think a handful of good outside-hitter of French championship could be still available.

    As far as I know, those players have not yet announced where they were going to play next season:

    - Julien Lavagne, France (187 cm captain of Nantes, great receiver and perfect spirit)
    - Karel Linz, Czech Republic (200 cm, Nantes, high reach)
    - Marcus Popp, Germany (192 cm, Tours, German Olympian in London)
    - Robert Tarr, USA (197 cm, Cannes)

    edit: Carlos Antony signed with Tourcoing