hi everyone

  • Hi :wavy: have a good time here ^^

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Ciao, Italy! :wavy: Cheers from Poland :flower:
    What's up? Tell us something more about yourself. Are you male or female? What's your name? Do you prefer male or female volleyball? What're your favourite players? How long are you watching volleyball? Do you play volleyball too? Why volleyball?

    Cheesus, it looks like a freakin' questionnaire... :aww: Don't be scared, I like interviewing new people ;) I'm just curious about them. As always.

    Anyway, I hope you will stay here for a long long time and this won't be on the basis that "I appear to reading what's goin' on and disappear". You know. Write as much as your fingers allow you! :D And have fun ofc, you're in the best virtual place :win:

    See ya!

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • Welcome, the forum is fantastic for volleyball fans :drink:

  • Welcome to the forum :drink: :win:

  • Ciao, Welcome to this great forum. I hope you enjoy.

  • Hi! :) Write more about you! :win:

  • Welcome. I'm happy to see one more Italian (I'm Italian too)

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.