• Hi guys greetings from Turkey. My english not so good :gone: , i hope i improved here. For now i just read after that i hope i can write something about volleyball

    Have a nice day all of you :wavy:

  • Welcome to the forum :drink:

  • thank u guys :)

  • Welcome :D don't worry about your language skills, here you can improve them :thumbup: greetings from Poland to you :wavy:

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • thank you ozaki, nobodyknows and kondzio

    i love so much brazilian and polish people volleyball passionate, i hope someday i will watch with them together one match

  • Nice to meet you! I'm sure that you improve your language skills, just write a lot! ;-)

  • Welcome!

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • thanks guys :)

  • Hi rookiee :wavy:

    Pleasure to welcome you here ;)

    Don't worry. When I registered here I couldn't write without making at least two or three mistakes in a single sentence in English. After all this time I feel like I can give private lessons in English :P I bet you will be at the level Expert in English very soon :D

    Have a nice day, week, summer and whole life by and large :win:

    Oh, and ofc enjoy your staying here!

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • thanks for the warm welcome bella ı hope ı will do the same thing about english like you

    happiness always be with you :wavy: :)