Turkey - Acıbadem First League 2013/2014

  • i said Mitar was one of the weakest in the tema but now he is playing very well..of course against a disorganzied block of fb..marshal play very badly....Ivan also bad..fb is showing little desire to win the match...

  • Juantorena is covered in reception and plays better offensively. Kaziyski this time decider with Mitar. :)

  • Very bad that Fener lost the title again to Halkbank.. Congratz to Halkbank they really deserved this title. Fenerbahce players protested the referee due to his 2 big important mistake (!). So Fenerbahce players did not take part in ceremony and Fonteles & Marshall didnt get their best server and best receiver awards. I think they know very well that they was weaker than Halkbank and it was not good behavior by themself.

  • Congratulation to the whole team of Halkbank! They won all in Turkey and were very close to gold in Champions League with entirely new team. Very good job!

    Great game by Djuric :super: 22/32 spikes (69%) + 3 blocks + 1 ace, with good support by Juantorena 17/34 spikes (50%) + 2 blocks + 3 aces (though his reception was below mediocre :whistle: ) and positive performance by Kaziyski 10/21 spikes (48%) + 1 block + 2 aces.
    From Fenerbahce good game by Marshall and Fonteles, but Milijkovic disappointed me :down:

    Anyway, congartulations for Halkbank for deserved title :cup: what will club plan for next season - either keep similar roster or tightening budget ?(

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  • Pretty good match by Fonteles. He really deserve a chance in Brazil NT.

  • Pretty good match by Fonteles. He really deserve a chance in Brazil NT.

    He should get a chance maube even bigger than in last season ^^

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Fenerbahçe Grundig – Halkbank: 1-3

    Hall: Burhan Felek

    Referees: Erdal Akıncı, Onur Hoşnut

    Fenerbahçe Grundig: Arslan (3), Marshall (15), Kemal (5), Miljkovic (12), Fonteles (20), Emin (3), Serkan (L), İbrahim (-), Metin (-), Burak (L)

    Halkbank: Hüseyin (-), Juantorena (22), Resul (3), Tzourits (26), Kaziyski (13), Emre (6), Nuri (L), Can (-), Burutay (-)

    Sets: 11-25, 27-29, 25-15, 20-25

    Time: 102 min. (20’, 33’, 23’, 26’)

    Indiviual Awards
    MVP: Osmany Juantorena (Halkbank)
    Best Scorer: Mitar Tzourits (Halkbank)
    Best Spiker: Mitar Tzourits (Halkbank)
    Best Server: Felipe Fonteles (Fenerbahçe Grundig)
    Best Receiver: Leonel Marshall (Fenerbahçe Grundig)
    Best Blocker: Emre Batur (Halkbank)
    Best Libero: Nuri Şahin (Halkbank)
    Best Setter: Hüseyin Koç (Halkbank)

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • The end ^^
    Halkbank was better than Fenerbahçr and they won it fairly. Behaviour of Fenerbahçe at the end of the 4th match was very disrespectful.
    There are too many rumors. One thing is sure, Halkbank will lost all of its foreigners. Juantorena may go to Arkas or Fenerbahçe ( it doesn't sound too logical to me but after seeing him following Zaytsev in twitter, everything is possible)
    It may be the last season of great Miljkovic. There are rumors that Fenerbahçe may consider budget reduction. :down:

  • Matey Kaziyski didn't get any individual award, but he gets the hardest points to score for his team and in these matches he was doing a ot of work in defense and reception, quite suprisingly :) He was the best receiver in CHL final four not only by title. I remember the ECH 2011 when he had to cover both our libero Ivanov and Aleksiev in reception, while spiking most points. He did very well, aso in the World League 2011 with the same task. Since then he became full spectrum payer. Juantorena in my opinion needs one year rest to return fresh and remember how to receive and serve. He can do more.

  • Do you guys know why TED Ankara Kolejliler didn't play in Voleybolun 1.Ligi last season? They saved their spot in the 2012-2013 season, but there was Tokat Plevnespor in their place.