Hello from Thailand!! :D

  • Hi guys, I'm from Bangkok, Thailand.
    I'm new here, actually I have been following this board for awhile.
    BTW my English is not so good.
    Nice to meet everyone!! :heart::):D

  • Nice to meet you :D So cool that somebody from Thailand is here! Yours female natrional team is so adorable on a court :D

  • Hello to Thailand :wavy:

    Welcome to the forum :drink::flower:

  • hi!! :wavy:
    it is really nice that you decided to join this forum...it is always more and more international! :)
    I hope you enjoy your time here with us :drink:

  • Hello from Poland to Thailand :wavy:

    Don't be worry about your English, you'll improve it being active here :D Enjoy your staying ;)

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • Hi all guys!
    The first action, congratulation Thailand Women's Volleyball National Team along with Japan Team won at FIVB Women's Volleyball Champiomship 2014( Asian qualification at JPN).
    It's true. Thai Women Volleyball is one of the strong team at Asia along with KOR, CHN, JPN and Kaz. My idol is Thinkaow Pleumjit (so talent) and TomKom Nootsara, one of the best setter in the world at present... Yummy yummy :)
    In Vietnam Volleyball Fan Page, everyday have many new, one of the news called "special new" for Vietnam Volleyball Fan. Specific:
    Spiker Do Thi Minh (Thong Tin Lien Viet Post bank), Club ended at NO.1 at Vietnam, and Nguyen Thi Kim Lien (1993), playing VTV Binh Dien Long An team, ended at No.5 at Vietnam League. The both will play for Ideas Khokaen (Champion at Thai League) at next season. Along with Middle Blocker Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hoa (VTV BInh Dien Long An), is one of best middle blocker at Asian will play No.4 Thai's Club.
    Can you give me any infomation this news. True or False and specific, thanks for your reading :)