Friendly NT Matches

  • Brazil will play 4 friendly matches against Serbia as a preparation for both the Pan-American Games and the World Grand Prix.

    These matches will be held in Rio. The fisrt one, if I'm not mistaken will be on June 30th and the others in the beginning of July.

  • Quote from "Celso"

    Brazil will play 4 friendly matches against Serbia as a preparation for both the Pan-American Games and the World Grand Prix.

    These matches will be held in Rio. The fisrt one, if I'm not mistaken will be on June 30th and the others in the beginning of July.

    hope some fans will post some games from pan american cup---never has the chance to watch the cup :wink2:

  • Are the 4 games in Rio? I read that there were 2 in Rio (June 30th and July 1st) and the other 2 would be held in 2 other cities. Well, anyway I guess we have to wait a bit more, because each people says something different, just like what would be the NT to play against Brazil. Maybe there isn't anything confirmed yet. I hope they define it soon because I'm looking forward to see this game, and since I'm not from Rio I'd have trouble if they sell the tickets like within 1 week before the games.

    Colossus, about recording PanAm, I hope someone does record it, because I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it :cry2:
    I'll "work" there so I don't know if I'll be able to watch and probably I'll depend of my family here to record it, and probably they won't :roll:

    Pan American Games is different of Pan American Cup... :wink2: Pan American games are like "preview" to Olympic Games for America's countries, it's held in a chosen city of all the Americas (this year is Rio de Janeiro, last one was in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), and it happens every 4 years, always one year before the Olympic Games. If I'm not mistaken there are competitions in 36 sports at PanAm games.

    Pan American Cup is not like that, I guess you have it on other sports too (just like you have Grand Prix of volley, formula 1 grand prix, etc...), but is just about volleyball and I'm not sure about its organization, but I guess it's a NORCECA championship, and it's smaller.

  • At least it was defined that these friendly matches will be played against Serbia and the 1st one will be in Rio de Janeiro, cause this friendly match will re-open the Maracanazinho Gimnasium.

    It's possible to find more information about it in the news section of the webpage of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation.

  • 4 friendly matches between Germany and Japan.
    Germany - Japan 3:1 (21:25,25:21,25:15,25:13)
    Germany: Mareen Apitz, Heike Beier, Tina Gollan, Margareta Kozuch, Kathy Radzuweit und Corina Ssuschke und als Libero stand Atika Bouagaa auf dem Spielfeld.
    Japan: Yoshie Takeshita, Miyuki Takahashi, Sachiko Sugiyama, Megumi Kurihara, Erika Arakia und Saori Kimura auf das Feld. Den Libero übernahm Sakurai anstelle von Kaoru Sugayama.

    Germany - Japan 3:1 (25:21,23:25,25:23,25:15)
    Germany: Mareen Apitz, Dominice Steffen, Maren Brinker, Cornelia Dumler, Kathy Radzuweit, Christiane Fürst und Heike Beier
    Japan: Yoshie Takeshita, Miyuki Takahashi, Sachiko Sugiyama, Megumi Kurihara, Erika Arakia, Saori Kimura und Yuka Sakurai

    Germany - Japan 3:2 (25:20,17:25,18:25,25:18,15:10)
    Germany: Mareen Apitz, Tina Gollan, Christiane Fürst, Corina Ssuschke, Atika Bouagaa, Anne Matthes und Cornelia Dumler
    Japan: Yoshie Takeshita, Saori Kimura, Yuki Shoji, Miyuki Takahashi, Megumi Kurihara, Asako Tajimi und Yuka Sakurai

    Germany - Japan 2:3 (22:25,25:23,25:14,28:30,16:18 )
    Germany: Mareen Apitz, Dominice Steffen, Christiane Fürst, Kathy Radzuweit, Margareta Kozuch, Maren Brinker und Atika Bouagaa
    Japan: Yoshie Takeshita, Megumi Kurihara, Saori Kimura, Erika Arakia, Shuka Oyama, Sachiko Sugiyama und Yuka Sakurai

  • Quote from "paivavita"

    finished now brazil x servia. national team won 3x0(25/14-25/09-25/15). the next game will be thursday.

    Serbia team was tired, if I'm not wrong, they arrived one or two days before the game, and also they don't have the full team playing these friendly matches...
    But I guess they'll be better on the other 3!
    Also Brazilian players were amazing, especially Paula and Walewska.

  • For me, Paula, Jaqueline and Mari were the best players on court. Of course Fofão and Walewska made the difference, but Mari, Paula and Jaqueline played much better than I expected. For me, it is clear that both Jaqueline and Paula are the best outside hitters of the team and I'm pretty sure they will be among the starting six.

  • the interesting fact about the friendly matches of germany is, that atika bouagaa played as a libero :?
    Now i wonder if she takes that position for the whole season or if she changes back to spiker :? .... we'll see, we'll see :roll:

  • the secound game among brazil and servia was more diputaded. brazil won 3x0(25-22/25-22/25-11).

    the next two game will be in maracanazinho, place of competion in pan american games.

  • In fact the third set was 25-13 for Brazil.

    It was nice to see Paula jump-serving as well as Fabiana attacking from the back of the court.

    Today Serbia made things difficult for Brazil. If Anja Spasojevic and Ivana Djersilo were on court things would be even more difficult.

    Brazil's defense wasn't as effective as it was yesterday but I guess the team has a lot to improve yet.

    It's a pity that neither Sheilla nor Carol Albuquerque are playing. I'd like to see them in action.

  • Brazil 3 - 1 Serbia (25-12, 25-15, 26-28, 25-17)

  • Quote from "Matthias"

    Hey Celso, can you tell me how Ivana Nesovic (Nr 16) and Marta Drpa (Nr 17) played for Serbia? I've seen them in Junior team last year and I thought they're both very talented.

    If I'm not wrong, they only played a little of the games... they're not starters...

  • nikolic say:

    when I arrived in gymnasium, I think that enter in japan's ginasium. only there I see gyminasiuns biggest how this. and fans surprise me. I don't hope find people very happy, dancing at 10:00 a.m.

  • Quote from "Matthias"

    I think Nesovic started for Serbia in the second match, that's what I understand from Serbian federation site.

    Ok, sorry I did not see the second match, only the first and third (I have recorded the 2nd, but had no time to watch it yet :( )
    But in both games I watched, she was on court for just some minutes...

    Today the game result was Brazil-Serbia 3:1, 25-12, 25-15, 26-28 and 25-17 .

    Tomorrow it's the last game... :wink2:

  • Sorry for not having answered you before Matthias.

    As far as I can remember number 17 didn't play for Serbia. The other player you asked me, number 16 started the match on the bench, but whenever she entered the court she played well. Her serves were very impressive.

    In today's match, Érika's performance was below the critic. She committed a lot of serve and reception mistakes, her blocking was uneffective and her attacks were blocked all the time. Jaqueline deserves to be in the starting line unless Érika improves a lot.

  • Brazil 3 - 0 Serbia (25-16, 25-17, 25-20)

    Brazil's team started with Fofão (setter), Mari (opposite), Jaqueline (outside hitter), Paula (outside hitter), Walewska (middle-blocker), Fabiana (middle-blocker) and Fabi (libero).

    In the second set, Carol Albuquerque replaced Mari and Sheilla replaced Fofão. Both of them showed they have a lot to improve yet, but overall they played well. Before the beginning of the third set, Sheilla remained on court and Thaísa replaced Fabiana, as the set unfolded, Érika replaced Jaqueline, Regiane replaced Paula and Carol Albuquerque replaced Fofão.

    As for Serbia, Nikolic didn't play this last match cause she was injured on her knee, Nosevic replaced her and played very well, her serves, as I've said before, caused trouble to Brazil's team reception. In the second set, #17 played and she showed how skilled she is, she's a left-handed opposite and her attacks were difficult for Brazil's team to block.

    Brakocevic also played well, but she didn't play much in the 4th match.