Friendly NT Matches

  • Turkey 0 Russia 3 :what: :what: :what:

    23-25 / 22-25 / 18-25

    Guidetti used 2 different teams
    Polen is out the list and Turkeys new OPP ise Hande :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  • Ned-Ita

    OLANDA-ITALIA 1-3 (25-17 18-25 13-25 20-25)
    OLANDA: Belien 8, Plak 10, De Kruijf 5, Balkestein-Grothues 9, Dijkema 2, Buijs 10, Schoot (L), Stam-Pillon (L) ne, Knip, Koolhaas 1 Jasper, Polder ne. Stoltenborg 1, Sloetjes ne. All. Morrison.
    ITALIA: Malinov 5, Bosetti C. 10, Bonifacio 13, Egonu 23, Bosetti L. 11, Folie 14, De Gennaro (L), Loda 2, Guerra ne, Orro ne, Sorokaite, Chirichella ne, Danesi ne. Parrocchiale (L) ne. All. Mazzanti.
    Spettatori 2000 circa Durata set: 22, 21 22, 26.
    Olanda: bs 4, bv 8, m 7, er 8.
    Italia: bs 17, bv 8, m 10, er 13.

  • The score is close. It is good try to use Hande as opposite. I think hand will be a good opposite at least better than polen.

    yes, but Ferhat was the first person who used Hande as OPP :drink:
    i dont like Polen either,
    she not powerfull and cant jump.

    but Meryem, why does Gui dont think her as first OPP
    she is more powerfull than Polen but not like Hande :)
    Hande ise really strong but cant jump either :hit:
    Seda ise the strongest player but she isnt fast
    what a mess :teach: :teach: :teach:

  • Meryem should be first opposite its even more clear after today, she is by far the best option as Opp. Polen being out is not a surprise to me at all. And I see no one who can replace Kübra when she is not doing well which is probably another problem... Does anyone have stats of this match?

  • I wonder where the Italian coach thinks he can go using both Bosetti sisters at the same time... :whistle:

    Why not ??

    With them you have great reception and great defence. When you have that strong OPP and MBs who are attacking very good that is good reason to have them in the same time. Bosetti sisters have very good serve too so they are putting pressure on reception and with Bosetti duo + De Gennaro they can defend it more easier.
    This sound easy but it is not on other hand this can work for Italy NT...

  • I agree. Bosetti sisters seem to be best duo for Italy for now. When you have scorer MBs and such a monster Opp, you don't need scorer OHs

  • When Turkey came over to the USA I thought Hande was immature acting on the court and played awful. What a year has done for her. She doesn't usually throw a fit on the floor, passing has improved and I think she understands hit selection. I think playing with the women from Ecz has shown how to be mature and play at a higher level.

  • FINALLY we beat the Netherlands! I can't remember the last time. Now let's hope they keep up the good work, while the Dutch slide back into the irrelevant nothingness they belong to.

  • FINALLY we beat the Netherlands! I can't remember the last time. Now let's hope they keep up the good work, while the Dutch slide back into the irrelevant nothingness they belong to.

    Actually yesterday Italy lost and moreover even Sloetjest wasn't playing, so... :white:

  • Croatia will today play against BiH. I can't believe it what are they doing. It would be better if they played against local club than against that weak NT. Why couldn't they play against Turkey, Germany, Italy ??? -.-

  • 2nd match between Turkey and Russia had just ended. Turkey 3:0 Russia (25:15, 25:19, 26:24)
    Very good revanche match from Turkey, I'm curious what the changes were from Guidetti today.

  • What is the line up for both teams? Young players?

    No just regular roster they have for Wch Qualification. I dont know who the starters were though.

  • I watched an instagram live video of one of vakifs fans they are called vakiftayfa. She explained that Turkey played with all players yesterday Guidetti was changing every time, and today, they played most of the game with Gözde, Neriman and Eda. Kübra played the first 2 set and the third Bahar. Hande played as OH and OP. Neriman is on fire.

    Kosheleva is such a nice person. She has a good character, giving gifts to her former teammates.

    The person on the live video also got the attention of Kosheleva and Goncharova having beef or something like that. They are actually good friends but they are avoiding each other as much as possible durig the 2 days and speaking as much as needed.

  • France: Fidon 24 (4 aces), Bauer 11, Gicquel 10, Martin 8 (4 blocks), Oublie 6, Dascalu 1, Amalric 1, Rochelle (L), Giardino (L)
    Spain: Rivero 23 (6 aces, 50% att), Segura 17, Escamilla 8, Collar 7, González 6, Caro 4, Corral 3, Correa 2, Sánchez (L)