Vakıfbank Istanbul 2013/2014

  • Costagrande and her arms :rolll: daaamn Kubra Akman from this pic will for sure appear in my nightmares now :white: :rolll:

  • Either you get the cup or you get a cup of tea to wave it to the winners. It's your decision.
    They will ask you what you've won? Little respect this has happened for the first time.

    Do not worry we celebrated enough :) The cup is the dream of others for us it has become the norm.

    Sincerely, Sabri Erdoganmasseur of Vakifbank

  • More Vakifbank photoshop accidents:…n/2013/Teams.asp?Team=IST
    Check out the photos in the player profiles. Carolina Costagrande is simply hilarious, but Kübra Akman and Cagla Akin also are pretty "good" :rolll:

    wow... most of them look..... shiny and oily!!! :rolll: :dance6:

  • Jovana Brakočević, an opposite of VakifBank, really enjoy in Turkey. Since she came to VakifBank, she haven't lost any game (60 wins), which gives her power to continue with good work.
    Brakočević Brakočević

    “We are still learning because every day you can learn something new. This makes us grow and that is the reason why we are still wining. We are giving 100 percent of ourselves. This result of 60 wins is even impossible to imagine. In sport such thing is not normal. My only wish is that this streak never ends”.

    VakifBank has five championships in this season. First, Istanbul giant took gold at the World Club Championship, then won Turkish Super Cup and now is competing in Turkish League, Turkish Cup and Champions League.

    “This season is also very difficult, especially because all teams have progressed. Attacks are very good and the blocks are stronger. Each team has different characteristics”

    Can you win all the trophies this season?

    “Everything is possible in sport. And every time we have to work more and more to get to our goal.”

    How do you like Turkish players?

    “Turkey has very good players. I am very happy to have a chance to play with them in this league. For example, Polen is very good left-handed player, with different characteristics then me. We help each other a lot. One of the hardest-working players I have ever seen is Naz. The setter who always supported me. Also, it`s a great pleasure to be in the same team with Costagrande and Glinka, there is not difference between them"

    You want to finish your career in Turkey?

    "VakıfBank want to work with me in the future but it's not just about me. I would love to play here until the end of my career if I could. But now it`s to early to think about such things." said Jovana Brakočević opposite of VakifBank.

  • i heard that finger of brakocevic isnt broken but had an small operation. its happened today's training. polen will play instead of her for 3 weeks...

  • Welcome Milena :flower:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • After watching how Gözde&Neriman OH combo rock during WGP, I started think about how strong Vakıfbank would be if they would sign with Neriman instead of Vasileva. I don't think Vasileva is a killer attacker, at least not as strong as Neriman. And in the presence of foreign player limitation, having two local OHs would be huge advantage for Vakıfbank :whistle: Moreover, Neriman is the only player in our NT who haven't worked with Guidetti before, it would be nice to see how Guidetti could help to improve her defensive skills and make her less unforced errors during attack. :whistle:

    There is not much OH duos in world who are balanced with defensive and offensive skills. I hope Vakıfbank would consider to transfer Neriman after next season