Friendly matches

  • Greece - Czech Rep. 3-2 (25-22, 29-27, 21-25, 19-25, 15-11)
    GREECE: Andreadis 12, Prousalis 1, Roumeliotis 25, Karipidis 15, Lappas 2, Kravarik 13, Stefanou (l. - 74% reception), Tzourits 1, Armenakis 2, Kournetas 1, Gkortsaniouk 6.
    CZECH REPUBLIC: Rak 12, Hudecek 3, Novak 14, Kotrch 1, Baranek 19, Tichacek, Kristof (l. - 65% reception), Skach 3, Konecny 11, Kral 11, M. Novotny 1.
    Greece: 4 aces, 61 attacks, 13 blocks, 31 errors of opponents
    Czech Rep: 7 aces, 54 attacks, 14 blocks, 35 errors of opponents.

    Greece - Czech Rep. 1-3 (20-25, 27-25, 12-25, 20-25)
    GREECE: Prousalis 2, Roumeliotis 9, Smaragdis 8, Karipidis 9, Lappas 11, Kravarik 2, Papadimitriou (l. - 67% reception), Andreadis 4, Tzourits] 4, Armenakis 9, Nikiforidis, Tsergas
    CZECH REPUBLIC: Novotny M. 15, Kral 6, Holubec 8, Baranek 18, Konecny 19, Skach 2, Kristof (l. - 75% reception), Hudecek, Kotrch
    Greece: 5 aces, 46 attacks, 7 blocks, 21 errors of opponents
    Czech Rep: 8 aces, 52 attacks, 8 blocks, 32 errors of opponents.

    Greece - Czech Rep. 3-1 (25-15, 25-16, 18-25, 25-19)
    GREECE: Kournetas 1, Roumeliotis 19, Smaragdis 5, Karipidis 14, Lappas 7, Kravarik 10, Stefanou (l. - 56% reception), Gkortsaniouk 1 (90% reception, 9/10 perfect), Prousalis 1, Andreadis 4, Tzourits, Armenakis.
    CZECH REPUBLIC: Novotny M. 3, Kral 3, Rak 6, Hudecek 3, Novak 10, Tichacek, Kristof (l. - 67% reception), Konecny 12, Baranek 11, Kotrch 1, Skach.
    Greece: 4 aces, 46 attacks, 12 blocks, 31 errors of opponents
    Czech Rep: 5 aces, 36 attacks, 8 blocks, 26 errors of opponents.

  • Argentina tie with Brazil in Men's Olympic qualifier warm-up series
    Brazil beat Argentina 3-0 at Newell’s Old Boys Stadium to level their Men's Volleyball friendly series at 1-1 over the weekend. The visitors won 21-25, 20-25, 21-25 in the city of Rosario to follow on from Argentina’s 3-2 victory in the previous match.

    Argentina are in training ahead of the Men’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Japan from May 31 to June 8.

    The Argentines were set to return to Buenos Aires Sunday night to continue with their preparations before travelling to Los Angeles, where the South Americans will play two friendly matches against USA.

    Brazil are already qualified for the Olympic Games after winning the 2007 FIVB World Cup.

    Junior Thiago Barth added the first four points for the visiting team by spiking and blocking to put the score 2-4 in the first set. Argentina were not concentrating and missed a number of spikes before an ace from Gustavao widened the difference to 10-5.

    Diego Stepanenko’s blocking shortened the difference to 11-10 but a time-out requested by Percy Oncken gave the visiting team a good rest and their killer spikes, added to a Thiago ace, made the score 15-10. An ace from Gaston Giani brought the difference to one at 21-20 but three non-forced spiking errors allowed Brazil to close out the set 25-21.

    In the second set, Brazil’s confidence grew and they arrived at the first TTO 8-2 ahead with good blocks from Thiago and Theo.

    Argentine Concina’s effort brought the score to 12-9 but Brazil’s reactions made the score at the second TTO 16-11. Luciano De Cecco replaced Santiago Orduna in setting and the Argentines seemed to react but the five-point difference was retained when Concina’s spike died on the Brazilian block and the set was closed 25-20.

    Argentina were maybe paying for their great effort of the night before. Brazil reached the first TTO of the third set 8-4 ahead and the second 16-11 ahead.

    Trying to defend, De Cecco suffered a big hit but soon was back on the field to the cheering of all the fans. Javier Filardi was introduced and helped shorten the difference to 20-17 with an ace but Brazil did not change its attitude and Gustavo Porporatto’s serve that hit the net closed the set 25-21 and the match.

    Argentina 0 - Brazil 3
    Sets: 21-25, 20-25, 21-25
    Referees: Cholakian - Cabrera
    Stadium: Microestadio Newell's Old Boys, Rosario

    Argentina (0): Santiago Orduna, Leandro Concina; Gustavo Porporatto, Diego Stepanenko; Gaston Giani, Lucas Ocampo, Martin Meana (L). Coach: Jon Uriarte. Substitute players included: Luciano De Cecco, Javier Filardi, Martin Hernandez, Rodrigo Quiroga, Pablo Peralta.
    Brazil (3): Daniel, Theo; Gustavao, Thiago Barth; Joao Paulo, Mauricio, Mario Junior (L). Coach: Percy Oncken. Substitute players included: Luiz Felipe, Sandro, Leandrao, Lucas Saatkamp.

  • 18.05 2008

    Slovakia - Austrália 2:3 ( 19, 19, -23, -23, -15)


    Slovakia - Austrália 1:3 (-15, -22, 19, -21)

  • Tehran, Iran, May 19, 2008 – The national men's team of Iran is preparing actively for the Men's World Olympic Qualification Tournament scheduled to be held from May 31 to June 8 in Tokyo of Japan.

    The Iranian team played three friendly matches with the Serbian team here from May 15 to 17. The host team came back from the first set deficit to outclass the guest team 3-1 (25-27,,25-20, 25-20,25-19). Then they lost the next two matches. The second match result was 1-3 (22-25, 20- 25, 25-20, 21-25). In the third match, the host tried their utmost, hoping to beat their opponents again, however their hope was broken by the stronger Serbian team, and the Iran team was beaten in a five set battle 24-26, 25- 22, 19-25, 25-22 and 23-25.

    Serbian team has already got the ticket to the Olympic Games in Beijing. Igor Kolakovic the head coach of Serbia, brought some stars to Tehran, such as Kovacevic Nikola, Bojovic Dejan, Petkovic Valado, Samardzic Marko and Nikic Milos.

    In the view of the Iran’s head coach Zoran Gajic, the three matches was a good chance for him to evaluate his young squad.

    The Iranian team also had trained in two training camps. The first one was in Moscow of Russia, lasting 21 days and the second one was held in Tehran.

    Taking part in the Tokyo Olympic Tournament are host Japan, Australia, Korea, Iran, Thailand, the four best-ranked teams at Asian Championship, Algeria from Africa, Argentina from South America and Italy from Europe. In the round-robin event which also doubles up as the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament, the winner plus the best Asian team (even if the winner is Asian) will qualify for the 2008 Olympic Games men’s volleyball tournament.

  • John Hawks' Journal from Japan - May 20. 2008

    John Hawks, an assistant coach with the men’s volleyball team at the University of Southern California and also the assistant coach for the 2007 World University Games and U.S. Junior Men’s National teams, is traveling with a group of up-and-coming U.S men’s volleyball players in Japan, where they are helping the Japanese men’s national team prepare for its Olympic qualifying tournament.


    Well, we arrived into Narita, Japan after what seemed like a 15 hour flight. It was actually only 10 hours, but with a full flight and Evan Patak complaining about his knees every 10 minutes, you can see how I might have thought the flight was longer. All kidding aside, the flight gave us all a chance to gather around the galley and tell various stories. This is a very close group of boys as most of us were together with the World University Games team in Bangkok last summer… the only “rookie” of the group is newly crowned NCAA Champion, Matt Anderson and he and I spent last summer at the World Championships in Morocco with the Junior National Team. He has really improved his game… much more consistent in every phase of his game and he has developed a lot more range offensively. The rest of the team has also grown since Bangkok… Jayson Jablonsky, Paul Lotman and Matt Anderson are the outside attackers along with Evan Patak and Matt Proper playing opposite. In the middle, we are represented by Andy Hein and Nick Scheftic. Nick joined us in Japan after playing 5 months in Qatar. Andy and Evan joined us after a weeklong trip at the Four Nations tournament in Germany where our US Men’s Team won the tournament. Congratulations to the staff and the team! At setter, we have Jonathan Winder who is an amazing captain. He has earned the respect of every athlete here and leads us through this training experience with the Japanese National Team. Our translator is Nao Ikeda. She is the director of volleyball operations for the University of Minnesota and has been wonderful to have on this trip. Without her, we all would be lost! She taught us some basic Japanese. Here is an example of her work…”You are welcome” = Doh itashi mashite. (Sounds like “Don’t touch my moustache)

    Nao met us at the airport and directed us to an awaiting bus where we were told that the Japanese Volleyball Association (JVA) had food for us. As good as the airplane food was… this really appealed to us. It was to be about a 2-hour drive to the Japanese Sports Institute. The training center at the institute is beautiful. It was recently built and has all the amenities a team could ask for. The food is wonderful… it is fun to watch as the boys experience things for the first time. Most notably was Matt Anderson attempting to use chopsticks… I guess they kept Matt pretty sheltered in Happy Valley. Another interesting moment happened this afternoon when Jonathan looked at a smooth round ball in his noodle soup. The ball turned out to be a quail egg but it was funny listening to the guys guess at what this might be. I overheard eyeballs and lizard eggs. The gym was in perfect condition. When we took our shoes off and walked in the staff of the Japanese team was there to greet us and help as we hit the court to loosen up the joints before heading 10 minutes to the Hotel Mets in Akabane to check in. The hotel is great!! We each have our own room or “pod” and we are near each other on the 8th floor. Apparently the boys think very highly of the pillows on the beds and the bidets in the washrooms.

    We trained the next morning for about 2 hours with their National Team. It consisted primarily of serve and pass on two courts with the Japanese serving to our serve receive and vice-versa while some got reps on another court with the best jump-serving machine I have ever seen… this thing smokes balls at fierce rate! The machine got the best of us…USA 0…machine 1. The focus has been on us playing scout team and emulating Italy. I have assigned Andy as “Luigi Mastrangelo”, a rangy MB with a great jump serve, Nick as “Victor Bovolenta”, a MB with a good jump float and a more predictable range offensively and Evan as “Alessandro Fei”, who is a big time attacker for Italy with a tendency to hilt hard line. Paul played the role of “Hristo Zlatanov”, a nice attacker with more of a tendency to hit wrist away and Jayson played the role of “Alberto Cisolla” who runs the “go” as fast as he hits the “bic” and also, their best passer. The other boys will play various roles as needed.

    After a great meal and a quick nap, we headed back to the training center and got into a scrimmage with our hosts. Japan runs an extremely fast offense so it took a bit of adjusting on our part… we lost the 4 drills for the day but we competed hard and gave them a good run in a couple of them… in the two others, we had a little trouble passing which limited our options. The way the Japanese team plays defense is incredible! It was rare that we hit a ball that went straight to the floor. Evan and Jayson were our outstanding players on night one. They were consistent attacking and really came through at big points for us. As a team, we need to do a better job of blocking the ball against this fast-paced offense and clearly pass the ball; but a nice bright spot was the way we served the ball tonight…high velocity with nice accuracy. What a great opportunity this is for all of us.

    We showered at the facility, ate some dinner and sent the guys back to the hotel while Nao and I were invited to join the Head Coach, Mr. Tatsuya Ueta for a great dinner. We started eating sushi and finished at a Korean BBQ. I ate some things that I thought I would never eat…liver, chicken neck, little raw squid, stomach and actually my favorite, octopus. It was all surprisingly good. Meanwhile, the boys walked around and found themselves fascinated with the game Pachinko. We all found ourselves back to the hotel around 9:30 pm.

    On the morning of the 20th, we went back to the training center to lift weights in the sports institute. Very nice place! The boys worked very hard as we were there about 2 hours. We are meeting at 3 p.m. to prepare to scrimmage Japan again tonight!

    Wish us luck and oyasumi!

    John Hawks

    2008 U.S. Men’s Training Team for Japan
    1 Matt Anderson (OH, 6-10, West Seneca, N.Y., Penn State)
    4 Evan Patak (Opp., 6-8, Pleasanton, Calif., UC Santa Barbara)
    6 Matt Proper (Opp., 6-7, Meadville, Pa., Penn State)
    8 Jayson Jablonsky (OH, 6-5, Yorba Linda, Calif., UC Irvine)
    9 Jonathan Winder (S, 6-8, Irvine, Calif., Pepperdine)
    12 Andrew Hein (MB, 6-11, Carol Stream, Ill., Pepperdine)
    13 Nick Scheftic (MB, 6-11, Santa Barbara, Calif., UCLA)
    15 Paul Lotman (OH, 6-7, Lakewood, Calif. , Long Beach State)

    Head coach: John Hawks

  • Friendly matches in Italy

    Italia – Portorico 3-2
    (24-26 25-25 25-21 22-25 16-14)
    Italia: Mastrangelo 8, Vermiglio 2, Martino 4, Birarelli 2, Fei 8, Zlatanov 18, Casòli (l); Gavotto 11, Paparoni 3, Bovolenta 9, Sala 5, Cisolla 4.. N.e.: Meoni. All. Anastasi.
    Portorico: Soto 25, Perez I. 7, Escalante 12, Perez A. 1, Rivera V. 17, Rodriguez 5, Berrios (l); Bird, Matias 3, Estevez 5, Morales. All. Cardona.


    Italia - Portorico [b]4-0 [/b]

    (25-15 25-19 25-19 25-22)
    Italia: Martino 10, Birarelli 4, Fei 12, Cisolla 7, Mastrangelo 7, Vermiglio 1, Casoli (l); Meoni, Gavotto 10, Paparoni 6, Zlatanov 2, Bovolenta 8, Sala 3. All. Anastasi.
    Portorico: Soto 6, Rivera V. 11, Escalante 3, Perez A., Perez I. 10, Rodriguez 2, Berrios (l); Bird 12, Estevez 5, Matias 5, Morales 2. All. Cardona.
    Note: Durata set: 16’, 18’ 18’, 19’. Tot. 1h11. Tot. Italia: muri 4, ace 3, battute sbagliate 15, errori 3. Portorico: muri 3, ace 0, battute sbagliate 14, errori 16


    Serbia Italia "B"
    3:1, 25:22, 22:25, 25:17 i 25:13, posle 84 minuta igre.



  • At the end of the week Bulgaria will play two friendly games away with Serbia. Bulgarian head-coach Martin Stoev announced that the captain Plamen Konstantinov and Matey Kazyiski won't be playing against Serbia and will have a rest. Instead of them Kostadin Stoykov, Todor Aleksiev and Metodi Ananiev will participate in this matches. The debutants in the European Qualifications Martin Penev and Cvetan Sokolov will be also in the squad for the games against Serbia.


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • Players who will play against Serbia: setters: Andrey Zhekov, Ivan Stanev, Ivan Zarev
    opposite: Boyan Yordanov, Danail Milushev
    outside-hitters: Metodi Ananiev, Todor Aleksiev, Cvetan Sokolov, Martin Penev, Kostadin Stoykov
    middle-blockers: Hristo Cvetanov, Teodor Bogdanov, Krasimir Gaydarski
    libero: Teodor Salparov, Vladislav Ivanov

    Remind you that bulgarian coach Martin Stoev gave rest in the games against Serbia to some of the best players : captain Plamen Konstantinov, Matey Kaziyski, Vladimir Nikolov, Evgeni Ivanov

    Nikolay Nikolov is recovering from an injury and he may probably be ready for the World League games, starting for Bulgaria at 14-15 june in Varna against Spain.


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • When this two friendly games between serbia and bulgaria play ,
    today or tomorrow?
    and anybody knows Miljkovic and N. Grbic will play this matches?

  • U.S. Men Hold Off Argentina in Battle at the Bren

    A young Argentinean team put up a fight, but could not outlast the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team on Tuesday as Team USA won a five-set battle 19-25, 27-29, 25-20, 25-20, 15-12 at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Exhibition for Volleyball at the Bren Center on the campus of UC Irvine.

    Almost 3,000 raucous fans cheered on the U.S. Men, who were led by Reid Priddy (Richmond, Va.) with 19 points on 16 kills and three blocks. Argentina’s players, all of whom are younger than 30, were led by Lucas Chavez with 22 points on 17 kills, three blocks and two aces.

    The Argentineans used the match to prepare for the FIVB Men’s Olympic World Qualification Tournament on May 31-June 8 in Tokyo. The U.S. Men will begin their 2008 FIVB World League odyssey on June 13-14 in Finland.

    Tuesday’s match gave the U.S. team many things to work on before World League, said U.S. Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon (Christchurch, New Zealand).

    The U.S. Men went into the match flat and struggled particularly on defense in the first two sets. In the first set, the United States had no blocks and 53 percent “excellent” serve receptions. The U.S. team hit for 40 percent in the first set and 38 percent in the second. Argentina hit for 66 percent in the first set and 56 in the second.

    “We’ve only had this group together a little over a week,” McCutcheon said. “I’m not surprised. I thought we were able to learn some really good lessons. We’ve got a lot of work to do. The good news is we have time to put things in place.”

    David Lee (Alpine, Calif.), Ryan Millar (Palmdale, Calif.) and Gabe Gardner (San Clemente, Calif.) each scored 12 points for the U.S. Men. Lee had nine kills and three blocks. Millar and Gardner each had eight kills, two blocks and two aces.

    Sean Rooney (Wheaton, Ill.) scored 11 points on nine kills and two blocks. Kevin Hansen (Newport Beach, Calif.) scored five points on one kill and a match-high four blocks. Clay Stanley (Honolulu, Hawai’i) scored five points on five kills and Riley Salmon (League City, Texas) tallied four points on four kills.

    Libero Rich Lambourne (Tustin, Calif.) finished the match with 71 percent “excellent” service receptions.

    After losing to Team USA 1-3 in a scrimmage on Saturday, Argentina Head Coach Jon Uriarte made some adjustments that took the U.S. Men by surprise, including starting Martin Hernandez, who usually plays opposite, at middle blocker.

    Hernandez responded with 13 kills and one ace. Lucas Ocampo added 17 points on 15 kills, one block and one ace.

    But Uriarte’s team could not sustain the momentum it built in the first two sets.

    “We are happy that our young team could play this type of match, but we still need to do some mental work,” Uriarte said.

    McCutcheon started Priddy and Salmon at outside hitter, Lee and Millar at middle blocker, Stanley at opposite, Hansen at setter and Lambourne at libero.

    Rooney substituted for Salmon in the second set and started the rest of the match. Gardner substituted for Stanley in the second set and started the rest of the match.

    Brandon Taliaferro (San Clemente, Calif.), Delano Thomas (Sacramento, Calif.) and Scott Touzinsky (St. Louis, Mo.) all entered the match to serve.

    The first set saw the teams trade points to the first technical timeout, which Argentina reached with an 8-7 lead. Argentina went into the second technical timeout ahead 16-11. The U.S. Men couldn’t come back and fell 19-25 in the first set.

    In the second set, Team USA led 8-7 at the first technical timeout and increased the lead to two points. With the United States leading 15-13, Argentina came back to tie the score at 15-15 and then took its first set lead at 16-15 on an ace by Ocampo.

    The score stayed tight until Argentina reached set point at 24-23. But a service error tied it again. Team USA held off set point again before taking its own set point at 26-25 and again at 27-26. With the scored tied 27-27, the United States was called for a net violation and then took a timeout. However Priddy’s kill attempt went long and gave Argentina the set victory.

    The third set proved critical for the U.S. Men and they got off to a 6-3 lead and an 8-6 advantage at the first technical timeout. Argentina came back to the tie the score at 12-12, but a Millar kill gave the United States a small lead it never gave up. Team USA held a 16-13 advantage at the second technical timeout and went on to win the set 25-20.

    Carrying some momentum into the fourth set, the United States led 8-4 at the first technical timeout. The U.S. Men led 16-13 at the second technical timeout. Coming out of the break, Millar served for the next four points, including and ace, and put the set out of reach.

    The United States jumped to a 4-1 lead in the fifth set and led 8-6 at the first technical timeout. Although Argentina pulled to within one point at 11-10, a Gardner kill off Argentina’s block took the wind out of the sails of the South Americans.

  • Bulgaria and Serbia will play as far as I guess at thursday and friday.


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • Or maybe wednesday and thursday. :D


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • 1st match played today
    so 2nd match will play tomorrow

    SRBIJA – BUGARSKA 3:1 (26:28, 25:18, 25:19, 25:18



  • Antea, thanks you for the information, I hope it was a good match.


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • Really Antea you are great! ;) Thank you very much.

    Wild Wild West!


    " There is nothing better than this"


  • Australia - China 0 : 3 (20-25, 23-25, 23-25)
    VTA Starting Line-up (and points scored): Alderman (2)(QLD), Roberts (14)(SA), Howard (6)(WA), Carroll (7)(NSW), Yudin (9)(VIC), Campbell (4)(VIC), Libero – DeSalvo (VIC)
    Substitutes: Hardy (C)(0)(ACT), Ferguson (1)(WA), Christensen Z (3)(QLD), Young (DNP)(QLD), Grant (DNP)(QLD)

    Attack – Team 45% kill 15% error (30%ke) Yudin 46% kill (11) 8% error, Roberts 52% kill (25) 20% error and Christensen 67% kill (3) 0% error
    Block – Team 8 kill 6 controls Yudin 3
    Passing – Team 2.07 49% perfect 11% error Hardy 2.14 (7) 57% perfect 14% error and DeSalvo 2.13 (16) 56% perfect 13% error
    Serving – Team 1.45 2 aces 13 errors Ferguson and Carroll 1 ace each; Carroll (11) 1.82
    Best players – Yudin and Roberts

    Australia - China 1 : 3 (23-25, 18-25, 25-22, 20-25)
    VTA Starting Line-up (and points scored): Alderman (1)(QLD), Hardy (C)(4)(ACT), Howard (10)(WA), Carroll (2)(NSW), Yudin (16)(VIC), Campbell (12)(VIC), Libero – DeSalvo (VIC)
    Substitutes: Roberts (8 )(SA), Christensen Z (5)(QLD), Young (2)(QLD), Grant (DNP)(QLD), Ferguson (DNP)(WA)

    Attack – Team 38% kill 24% error (14%ke) Campbell 55% kill (11) 9% error and Yudin 62% kill (26) 19% error
    Block – Team 15 kill 8 controls Campbell 5
    Passing – Team 2.25 56% perfect 6% error Yudin 2.26 (31) 55% perfect 3% error and DeSalvo 2.25 (24) 54% perfect 4% error
    Serving – Team 1.67 4 aces 5 errors Roberts, Hardy, Campbell and Christensen 1 ace each; Campbell (14) 2.21
    Best players – Campbell and Yudin

    Australia - China 3 : 2 (25-18, 17-25, 23-25, 25-21, 15-11)
    VTA Starting Line-up (and points scored): Young (1)(QLD), Hardy (C)(8 )(ACT), Campbell (8 )(VIC), Carroll (29)(NSW), Yudin (11)(VIC), Howard (8 )(WA), Libero – DeSalvo (VIC)
    Substitutes: Roberts (5)(SA), Christensen Z (0)(QLD), Alderman (2)(QLD), Grant (3)(QLD), Ferguson (0)(WA)

    Attack – Team 58% kill 16% error (43%ke) Carroll 69% kill (32) 6% error, Howard 62% kill (8 ) 0% error, Roberts 50% kill (8 ) 0% error and Yudin 53% kill (19) 16% error
    Block – Team 13 kill 4 controls Carroll 5
    Passing – Team 2.22 54% perfect 9% error Roberts 2.67 (9) 78% perfect 0% error and Yudin 2.45 (38 ) 58% perfect 3% error
    Serving – Team 1.48 3 aces 14 errors Carroll 2 aces; Carroll (20) 1.80
    Best players – Carroll and Yudin

  • Serbia - Bulgaria 3:1 ( 25:22, 24:26, 26:24 i 25:20 )

    Serbia :


  • A young Argentinean team put up a fight, but could not outlast the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team on Tuesday as Team USA won a five-set battle 19-25, 27-29, 25-20, 25-20, 15-12 at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Exhibition for Volleyball at the Bren Center on the campus of UC Irvine.
    More here

  • does anyone here know if this year is organised amicale tournoi de france? 3eme edition? 8)

  • I don't know right now, but since French NT is not playing in OG, they don't need to play such a tournament and therefore will probably not organize one ...