German Championships 2013

  • Last weekend the german championships took place in Timmendorfer Strand on the baltic sea coast.

    The winners are:

    Gold: Böckermann/Urbatzka
    Silver: Flüggen/Walkenhorst
    Bronze: Dollinger Windscheif
    4th: Fuchs/Popp

    Gold: Ludwig/Walkenhorst
    Silver: Holtwick/Semmler
    Bronze: Borger/Büthe
    4th: Laboureur/Sude

    Once again, it was a great event and lot of fun. Hamburg players took it all this time :super: Bjoern Andrae was injured so Markus Popp played with Sebastian Fuchs. Their time outs were pure comedy :lol: . But good to see, that an indoor player can compete with the pro beach boys.

    Some links:


    Böckeratzka "Der Film":

  • The season is nearly over and the players carussel is turning for next season.

    Julius Brink just announced the split with Sebastian Fuchs. Due to Brink's injury they hardly played any tournament. Next season he will play with Armin Dollinger. Brink lost a lot of points on world tour, and with quite unexperienced partner it will be very tough to get in the main draw of world tour.

    Alexander Walkenhorst unites with Stefan Windscheif. That looks like a really strong and talented team, who could be successful on World Tour. Windscheif's split with Sebastian Dollinger came a bit surprising, as they played quite a good season.

    So far, mens teams, playing world tour are:

    Brink/A. Dollinger