Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

  • While the tablet works perfectly on Japan Side . It didn't work well on Thailand Side. Strange isn't it ?
    After the game, Thailand team said the tablet didn't work at all, they tried to change the player and call for challenge but noting happen.

    In frustration, one coach had put it simply: the tech aren't working, cant you (referees) use common sense.?
    These tech should aid referees and not totally override their judgements and burden the game.

  • Meeting To Cheer The Hearts to show how FIVB care about clear rules.. (when everything is done as Japan Federation or They money wanted).

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    Well I didn't understand anything with google translate :whistle:
    Google translate ;


    FIVB officials described the use of tablets. There are problems with all of the teams selected to compete in the Olympic volleyball.


    Attend two hours I did nothing All teams were represented at the FIVB walk out of the room before the end of the meeting at all. It's as if he's trying to accept all teams use to tablets.

  • Hi there,

    i just read status in that FB. He said, FIVB just try to explain how that system works. Most of team represents were out before the end of that meeting. it looks like, FIVB wants to push that tablet so hard.

  • that FB reported something more from that conference. Thai represent told that they need to wait so long for enabling signal from the local staff of the tournament. Without that signal, they cannot do anything with the tablet. That resulted 2 red cards for delay the game. And no FIVB staff was there to support the system.

  • Context Translation from Member of the Thailand Team from this FaceBook:


    The FIVB invited the eight teams participating in this tournament to meet to resolve the issue of tablets. Initially FIVB has asked representative of each team whether they have faced any problem in using the tablet so far. Each team presented quite similar problems on the signal delay on the player substitution, but not much on the challenges.

    For Thailand, the Thai manager reported that his tablet did not work properly, causing signal delays for several moments when the Thai team tried to use the tablet for player substitution as well as for challenging. This malfunction of tablet function eventually caused the Thai Coach yellow cards followed by red cards. It was annoying that FIVB tried to conclude that the problem lied with the improper use of the tablet. All FIVB said was that FIVB has distributed the user manual earlier, and stressed that any technical problems found should be reported. However, no single team ever came back with any issue on the use of tablet.

    Assistant Coach of the Thai Team said it would take time to understand the manual, without actually using it. The first time they actually practiced it was during the real match. However there seemed to be a signal delay that prevents the push of the buttons in time. He added that the signal controller who relayed the signals to the referee is a Japanese. Due to his nationality impartiality, who would guarantee that the signal delay faced by the Thai side was not artificially caused by this person.

    Again, the FIVB informed the meeting that the use of tablets had been well-tested with most up-to-date technology and proved 99% effective. The reason for this Meeting was only to hear from all teams of problems so they can be completely resolved before this system is used at the Brazil Olympic. The Japanese team was unhappy and asked why FIVB used this tournament as a guinea pig.

    Then, each team was allowed to provide problems faced in using this new system. Thailand has informed that there was no signal in its tablet to allow any possible request for player substitution. When Thai Coach tried to report this signal malfunction to the Referee, instead of listening and providing a fair solution, the Referee chose to give yellow card and red card. However, FIVB kept on repeating that they have provided user manual in advance. Should there be any technical problem with the tablet, they should have reported to FIVB before the match so the technical problem can be resolve in time.

    The FIVB tried to explain further the use of the tablets. However, most teams lost interest and one by one left the meeting. Eventually only Italy and Thailand remained. The Thai Representative tried to repeat the same explanation how the Coach tried to report the malfunction problem of the system to the Referee. Then the FIVB asked why the Thai Coach did not try to contact the authority that regulated the functioning of the tablets. The Thai side said there was no such authority to contact for the last 3-4 days. When the FIVB pointed at a Japanese Officer, the Thai side said this lady is not technical staff, but a coordinator (and most importantly she is a Japanese).

    After some more discussions on the use of the tablets, and as it appears that the FIVB did not intend to understand the real issue of the event, Thailand finally left the meeting with no problem resolved.

  • You're right that this situation was quite unfair, but we must remember about sport. To be honest, Japanese players since 6-12 in tie-break have been incredible determined and they've played amazing for me, much better than Thailand. If Thai team was really stronger than Japan they could end the match in 4th set, or didn't make a service mistake...There are a lot of points of view.

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    がんばれ 日本!

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  • You're right that this situation was quite unfair, but we must remember about sport. To be honest, Japanese players since 6-12 in tie-break have been incredible determined and they've played amazing for me, much better than Thailand. If Thai team was really stronger than Japan they could end the match in 4th set, or didn't make a service mistake...There are a lot of points of view.

    About the 4th set (THA23-24JPN), Thailand wanted to substitute Yupa, 166cm who's a defensive player and apparently not a choice for front row defense, with Thatdao (she was standing in the right position holding the number readily), but the referee didn't allow the change due to no substitution signal reaching their system. Meanwhile in Japan side, Araki repalced Nabeya with no problem and in that point they hit the ball through blocks easily. This "no signal" problem also happened to us 2 times in the 5th set. Why Technology thing wasn't working in crucial moments for us? I doubt that. For me, if we lost without the problem i mentioned, I would accept any kind of result willingly (even with 9 or 10 points lead and then lost at the end from making a lot of our own mistakes). This is my point of view.

  • i have always liked JPN, but this match makes me angrier with each passing day.

    is there still a chance for THA to qualify -- if JPN loses to ITA, NED and DOM? i hope JPN loses to all those 3 teams.

    fivb is so corrupt. i have said this before. they need to split the asian and world olympic Q into two separate tournaments; and to take them both away from JPN. and the WC too. it's ridiculous that JPN hosts all of these automatically.

  • So FIVB is implying that the Thai team lost the match because they are technological incompetence to operate such an advanced tablet and they do not even able to understand the manual properly, so they have problems understanding instructions.

    In order to develop volleyball as a global sport, I strongly suggest that FIVB to give other countries to organize and host other important tournaments. Looking at the next cycle Tokyo 2020, we will have the 2017 Grand Champions, 2018 World Championship, 2019 World Cup, and 2020 Olympics ALL HELD IN JAPAN. This is definitely something NOT healthy. I don't believe other countries such as USA, CHN, BRA, TUR, ITA, GER, RUS, THA etc are not capable to host some of the events. Who know WGP finals will be held in Japan too during those years.

    Japan NT should not be penalized, but I believe the host country as the organizer of the event should get some lesson from all these mess!

  • One of the amazing feats of DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, it is much easier to tamper with, in particular any electronic device that relies on some connection or signal relay! Ask Edward Snowden if one has any doubt :D

    --> an amazing thing that in this case the signal relay was controlled by a Japanese... talking about impartiality... and we all witnessed the devastating effect when Thai player substitution requests were rejected by the referee due to this little "wonder e-device"

    This idea is akin to ban the physical, paper currencies and to replace them totally with the digital cash, the binary digits of 0 & 1 ==> much easier to "control" as well as to erase

    BUT how on earth can one ever tamper the manual but time tested conventional method of the openly wide visible physical paper-based or board sign of player substitution request? :-) NO WAY!

    One of the dumbest things that FIVB try to digitalize EVERY aspect of the sport... what's next? A match among robots? :woohoo:

    Even without any human's intentional harmful act, how about if the electronic tablet just happens to undergo some malfunction, does not work properly at some crucial stage? In the middle of the match, time is very tight, things are measured in seconds.

    There is no such necessity to digitalize EVERY aspect of this sport or its matches... digitalization has its own weakness too, and over digitalization is killing!

    "The majority of men are not capable of thinking, but only of believing and are not accessible to reason but only to authority." -­ Arthur Schopenhauer

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  • Never in my life have I had a privilege to behold such a notorious match as this one!

    It is clear to me that Japan used this new technology launched by the FIVB with good will to take advantage of its opponents. Kudos to Japan! It worked! I guess someone here might have mentioned that according to the FIVB rules, if the new system does not function properly, the referee shall allow the normal system to be used. Yet, in this case, the referee made two bad calls against the Thai Coach, who made a tremendous effort to let the referee realize the problem his team was facing and to request the use of the normal system. The thing is that the problem was CRITICAL! In return, he was warned with one yellow card. Following the card, the main referee gave him two red cards in the particularly crucial moment of the game. How objective this referee was! :white: :obey:

    Under no circumstance shall the referee make judgmental calls without carefully considering the situation.

    FIVB ought to investigate the case thoroughly and then boost the transparency of any volleyball tournament organized by the FIVB. :sos:

  • South Korea did not have an easy match today against Peru. I have to say Peru inproved a loooooooooot in their receiving and defense. Levya is a player to watch out but she still needs a few years to develop as a all-round player because she had a lot of hitting mistakes in the match.

    Two middle blockers of Korea did well today and make their presence in blocking. Yang is already a good player but Bae Yoo-na impressed me the most, especially her quick short attack just behind the setter and her three blocks in the beginning of the fourth set.

  • Tonight starts tournament in Puerto Rico, host chose final 14 for tournament, Odemaris Diaz (MB) is last player out :wavy:

    S: Vilmarie Mojica, Natalia Valentin
    OP: Karina Ocasio, Shirley Ferrer, Paulina Prieto Cerame
    OH: Stephanie Enright, Aurea Cruz, Yarimar Rosa, Daly Santana
    MB: Alexandra Oquendo, Lynda Morales, Diana Reyes
    L: Deborah Seilhamer, Shara Venegas

    only surprise is taking 3 MBs and 3 OPs :wavy:

    meawhile Dutch team is leading 2-0 8o

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