Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

  • So, who gets in? Will it be Algeria? Or will wildcards be handed out?
    Ugh, I just can't with FIVB. Everyone knew this was a possibility the moment the competition format was announced.

    Italian website oasport.it suggests it will be either Algieria or Turkey. According to them Turkish Federation is already working on getting their team to that tournament.
    Also, president of Kenya Volleyball Federation says qualification tournament will be held in Puerto Rico, that's why they can't afford it (I imagine it would be the same if it was Tokyo).

  • This is getting more and more ridiculus.

    I hope they will give the spot to another african team. No matter how much I like Turkey NT (I supported them and Netherlands in EOQT), it should go to the continent which it belongs. Mister "I'm sexy and I know it :mirror: " wasted the chance to qualify, so let's give it to Algeria or any other african team.

  • I would like to watch Eda, Neslihan and Gozde in the olympic games this year but in the end it's not fair for the other two teams.. Holland and Italy deserved their spot in the world qualifications wich is actually a harder tournament.. and Turkey who finished 4th in Ankara will get a wild card to play in the easiest tournament, nooo it's not fair.. the FIVB won't do this even though i think the president of the TVF(CEV vice president) will put a big pressure on them.
    Ferhat in the olympic games after a terrible tournament in Ankara, no way :lol: .

  • If anything, Netherlands would "deserve" to replace Kenya and then Turkey could replace them at the World tournament. But it really should be another African team and I really hope that's what happens.

    There would be outrage if ITA or NED lost out on an Olympic spot while TUR sneaks in via the joke tournament, and rightfully so.

  • Why don't we do something very simple to pick the remaining team with Kenya's departure. Take the highest ranked team that was eliminated during the Continental Qualifiers (and not in the 11 remaining). That would be Turkey at #9 in the FIVB Rankings.

    Adding a 4th place African team to the qualifiers? Kenya should have won the African tournament to being with, they were the highest ranked team (even using my Ranking system). Now that they can't go to the Olympics, will they play in the World Grand Prix?

    The biggest problem for the FIVB when expanding the World Grand Prix and World League is that the financial structure for the smaller confederations and developing nations is not there and to have them play in the World League or World Grand Prix is a massive expense. The FIVB should pay the way to some degree for these lower countries. The FIVB can't put out $10,000 for Kenya to participate in the World Qualifiers? And Mr. Graca wants to promote the game more internationally, put your money where your mouth is.

    I mean the World Grand Prix Champions (Group 1) USA got $200,000 for the Finals. Poland made $25,000 for 2nd place in Group 2, Czech Republic $20,000 for 3rd place in Group 2. But there does not appear on the FIVB photos a check for the Kenyan team winning Group 3.

  • Remember in 2012 when Cuba withdrew from the OQ for the same reason?

    them what happended? Didnt they get some help from FIVB or donation??

    Maybe Kenya is trying to do the same thing.. and Kenya actually has a chanve to win this torunament, they did not play bad at all at the World Cup.

  • Seems like Algeria took the spot replacing Kenya: http://www.worldofvolley.com/N…fication-tournament-.html

    I wasnt expecting them to give it to Turkey because it would be fair to other continents' participants that missed the chance as well. I would like to it to be given to the country that is ranked highest but couldnt make it this far, in the world rankings though, to increase the quality.

  • Egypt is also withdrawing from the Olympic qualifier!! :white:

    Egyptian Volleyball Federation has decided to formally withdraw from the women's preliminaries qualify for the Olympic Games .
    Egyptian Federation sent an official letter to the International Federation on Wednesday, confirming apologize for not participating in the playoffs, which is going on in Puerto Rico next May.
    The "gate Sport" has published a story on 21 February, confirming the withdrawal, entitled "plane" apologizes for the lack of participation in the Olympic women's team play-offs. "
    The team has failed to qualify directly from the African qualifiers, which took place recently in Cameroon where he got the Egyptian team in second place, while Cameroon qualified for his hospitality to the Olympics.

  • I guess Turkey and Germany (the 2 highest ranked teams not yet qualified) will get the go ahead to be part of the qualifiers in Puerto Rico??

    If Egypt did also cancel their participation, they will most likely go with reliable choices and Turkey & Germany are good candidates if they are the highest ranked teams in world which can't participate in qualifiers.

  • It doesn't make any sense. Why would Turkey or Germany be rewarded for failing in their continental qualies? Because this farce of a tournament would be exactly that, a reward, while the teams that earned their spots rightfully would have to bust their asses off in Japan.
    Unless, of course, that was the plan all along, to get a big name team to the Olympics through the back door.

  • well, there are precedents of the same "trick" from FIVB to help some countries: Russia in 1988 and 1996 qualified thanks to the withdrawing of African teams, and, if I'm not mistaken at some point Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico enjoyed the same special treatment from FIVB.

    In reality, it's all about money. I suspect of some "under the table negotiations" to help African team in their decision to give up their qualification quota. And, of course, all of this, with the blessing of FIVB. :down:

  • I would agree that TVF is pushing hard to get one of the spots. I would love if they got one spot going to one of the qualifiers but not the one in Puerto Rico. I would feel ashamed to see Turkey qualifying to olympics through an easier path. Instead they should propose the Netherlands who came 2nd in european qualifier to join the easy qualifier and then send Turkey to Japan. In all of these, I am assuming Turkey is still the highest ranked team according to FIVB who lost chance to participate in qualifiers.

  • Curious if Germany Federation work to kick off one of African Teams from Men's Easy Tournament.

  • BREAKING NEWS!! :sos:

    Kenya has announced that FIVB will help with transportation and accommodation, therefore, Kenya is back to the game. It will be a combined ticket with two stops: first Puerto Rico for the Olympic qualifiers, and second Argentina for the Group 2 of the WGP2016.

    In a press conference last night, Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation also said that Algeria will replace Egypt.

    All in all, four teams confirmed: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Kenya and Algeria.

    big question: who is behind all this last minute solutions?? :call:

    Puerto Rico seems to be very interested in avoiding other teams outside African confederation.