Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

  • If I were the Thai coach, I'd definitely boycott the rest three matches.
    It's a common knowledge how many advantages Japan take from being a host, but it was beyond expectations today. Shameful, just shameful.

  • Oh please... main problem is a coach who does not KNOW rules... he broke Thai stability protesting invasion by HAND... :wall: this was not a gift, he must read about rules

    I'm sorry for thai girls, they don't deserve that

  • I lost the end of the match due to wifi problem, what the hell happened?? How did Thailand manage to lose? O.o
    Or as I read, how the referee made Thailand lose...

  • I don't understand the substitution system.. I mean, they did succeed in using it in the earlier sets and matches so I guess they did press the button
    but why banned most of the substitution near the end of the sets
    and Thailand was out due to Japan again :gone:

  • They don't deserve a st*pid coach ;)

    I don't see how the way that the Thai coach acted deserved such negative comment of yours, nor the point deduction as a matter of fact. He was protecting his team and there were many 'doubtful' decisions in previous rallies. He was asking for clarification and that's that. Let's not turn the matter away from this shenanigan.

  • :drink: :drink: :drink:

    I think some moderator should act here... If not, I won't write anymore in a forum where attitudes like that are permited

    Honestly I agree on you. I didnt like what referees did but seriously, two red cards in a set of 15? He must have understood what was going on and just kept silent, I'm sure Thai girls could collect 3 points and nail the match. This doesnt justify what referees did however were there any controversial decisions in all the points Japan got? Were there any net touches, called in but were out. The only one I saw was when Thai coach claimed that Miyashita passed the line under the net, in rest of the set, it was all about substitutions, challenge and such.

  • :drink: :drink: :drink:

    I think some moderator should act here... If not, I won't write anymore in a forum where attitudes like that are permited

    I agree with you. I am sympathetic to the Thais but no need to call the Japanese odd names. It wasn't their fault.

    The Thai coach should've kept his cool from the first warning that he got. It was him who killed his team's momentum. At that point the match was still theirs to win.

  • Changing the subject, I'm very happy for Italy and their great performance, nonetheless I haven't been able to watch all of their matches due to time difference.

    I like the way Bonitta uses his players. He's not afraid of replacing starters and giving bench members some chances to get to play on the court. Guiggi has been a very good attacker, I don't think I've seen her playing this well in NT. She's been always so solid, but in this tournament her slides are unstoppable. I also enjoy watching both Chirichella and Danesi. Especially the younger one has THE potential to be a dominant MB in some years. She has a great connection with her setter, despite not playing as starter she has given positive sings to her coach. Now I kinda understand why he left Folie home, though she's also a good player. Del core, what to say, I don't even want to imagine her retirement since she's still so good.

    Orro, who'd have thought a 17 year old inexperienced setter would bring an Olympic ticket? :D I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see how fast she grows up later on. Obviously she performs badly from time to time in particular when the match gets rougher, but that's how young setters learn. She seems so fearless and likes to give as many chances as possible to her MBs. I like it a lot.

  • Is "challenging in the middle of a play" something legal too? It's totally something new to me today. I have never seen this, in fact being challenged in the midst of play a few times, in my entire life.

  • This doesnt mean anything because we cant see her hand touching on the ground of the Thai court from this picture.

    And even if Miyashita's hand did touch the floor on Thai side, this is not an error anymore since many years :!: Only foot over the line is a fault, other body parts only when an opponent is being disturbed or touched.

    BUT: IMO, when Thai coach asked for a challenge for this, referees should simply have accepted it and in the replay show that Miyashita's foot did not cross the line. No need to give a red card for the challenge request at all :!: :!: :!:

    I deleted the insulting posts on the previous pages. You may have different views, but it's not acceptable to insult other users.