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  • What the hell is going on? Firstly, I see an activity from the morning, no new posts; secondly, I can't add any comment, because it's automatically logging me out when I click on ECH 2013 thread and when I want to log in again it tells me, that I'm not allowed to visit this page... :wall:

    I came here to write the same.

    There seems to be a caching issue when using the board with Mozilla. For example, when I write this post, then click back to the home page, I will not see this listed as a new post. If I refresh the page, it will probably appear. Then, if I log OUT, and click on the topic to read this post, I will see the post, but the top of the page will tell me that I'm logged IN. But I'm not actually logged in... it's left over from before. So if I try to write a response, I will get a message that I don't have permission, etc. I'm using the same browser that I always did with the old board.

    Edit for another example: When I just wrote this post above and submitted, it showed as the first post on page 2. I clicked on the link to page 1, and it showed me an old page 1 from before I wrote my post... with no link to page 2... making it look like my post was lost. Then when I submitted this edit, it showed me the old post before I edited it, making it look like my edit wasn't saved... So It's annoying. :)

  • Same problems for me with Mozilla...I have to reload every page of the forum to see new posts etc...

    Same with me. And the forum is a lot slower to load.

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to change my password (again) since I forgot the one I entered upon visiting the new site :pinch: . But every time I tried going to the User Account ("Edit Profile" > "User Account"), it says "You are not allowed to enter this page. You do not have the required permissions to enter this page." :| somebody help!!!! :(

  • I thought that I have some problems with browser, but as I see, I'm not the only one :P

    Any news about this issue? I have this problem as well and it annoys me a lot. :white: If there is anything i can do on my own, to solve this problem, please write it down here. At the moment, surfing this forum is really uncomfortable. Thanking you in advance.......

  • You guys wrote you use Mozilla and Google Chrome. I use Explorer and have a few problems as well. Firstly, when I write a post I see nothing like I haven't written anything. And next time I enter the forum - the post is there. Also every time I'm here all posts are not read though I already read them. There are also problems with editing my profile. Donnu what's going on but forum are not working good. And it's as slow as snail.