Kazakh NT 2013

  • Players which played throughout this season (Qualifications for WCH2014 in September, President Cup in August and Sub-Zonal Qualifications for WCH in July):
    Setters: Sergey Kuznetsov ('93) 197 cm, Vitaliy Mironenko ('85) 188 cm, Maxim Mishchenko ('90) 198 cm, Yuriy Labetskiy ('76) 196 cm
    Opposites: Maxim Mamedov ('87) 200 cm, Vitaliy Erdshtein ('92) 205 cm, Sergey Radkevich ('86) 190 cm
    Outside Hitters: Dimitriy Gorbatkov ('81) 197 cm, Oleg Verigin (also OPP) ('92) 190 cm, Vitaliy Vorivodin ('90) 194 cm, Alexandr Stolnikov ('88] 197 cm, Alexey Gutor ('84) 195 cm
    Middle Blockers: Anton Yudin ('82) 210 cm, Nadirhan Kadirkhanov ('91) 201 cm, Aset Bazarkulov ('87) 202 cm
    Liberos: Yuriy Stulov ('80) 186 cm, Kairat Baibekov ('83) 185 cm

    In last tournament from this list out were Mishchenko, Labetskiy and Gutor. Most players are playing in Kazakh league, the best are playing in Almaty. Labetskiy in last season played in Stroitel Minks (Belarus).
    All info you can find on http://volley.kz (website is in Russian language).

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  • hi kondzio,

    dziękuję śliczny. i had gone to the kazakh fed webpage that you mention but i don't read cyrillic too well...

    i was watching this game:


    it's hard to read the shirt names. i can see the setter (#11) is kuznetsov, i think, and one of the OH is #14, suleymenov, and #19 is mamedov, but i can't see who the MBs are (#12 and #10), do you know? i think #18 (OH) is vorivodin. later, verigin comes in for #18, and they also do the double sub, for the setter/OP.

    also, can't seem to find the matches for the WC qualifying for kazakhstan, this is the only match on YT i could find. anyone know of any links?


  • I found out an article about tournament on volley.kz, Kazakh roster for this tournament was this (players with jerseys' numbers, bold didn't play in other tournaments):
    S: 5. Sergey Kuznetsov, 11. Vitaliy Mironenko, 20. Maxim Mishchenko, 9. Damir Aubakirov
    OPP: 19. Maxim Mamedov, 13. Vitaliy Erdshetin
    OH: 7. Dimitriy Gorbatkov, 4. Alexandr Stolnikov, 16. Oleg Verigin, 18. Vitaliy Vorivodin, 14. Nariman Suleymenov
    MB: 3. Anton Yudin, 2. Aset Bazarkulov, 12. Nariman Kadirkhanov, 10. Zhaksilik Tleulin
    L: 1. Yuriy Stulov

    Other players' numbers:
    6. Kairat Baibekov (L)
    17. Sergey Radkevich (OPP)
    Yuriy Labetskiy (S) played with #10 and #8
    Alexey Gutor (OH) also played with #8
    15. Nariman Aubakirov (MB)

    It wasn't so hard to recognize line-up :D Starting line-up in match you mentinoed was: Mironenko (S) - Vorivodin (OH) - Kadirkhanov (MB) - Mamedov (OPP) - Suleymenov (OH) - Tleulin (MB) - Yudin (L)
    MBs were: Nariman Kadirkhanov (12) and Zhaksilik Tleulin (10) and you're right, Vitaliy Vorivodin is 18 ^^
    I don't have time for watching whole match, do you know which players were for double sub? As you can see coach used so many setters throughout season :whistle: overall we have 21 players here ^^

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  • Kazakh roster for Asian Championships:
    2. Asset Bazarkulov (MB)
    3. Anton Yudin (MB)
    4. Alexandr Stolnikov (OH)
    5. Sergey Kuznetsov (S)
    6. Kairat Baibekov (L)
    7. Dmitriy Gorbatkov (OH) (C)
    8. Yuriy Labetskiy (S)
    12. Nodirkhan Kadirkhanov (MB)
    13. Vitaliy Erdshetin (OPP)
    16. Oleg Verigin (OH/OPP)
    18. Vitaliy Vorivodin (OH)
    19. Maxim Mamedov (OPP)

    No OH Suleymenov, S Mironenko and L Stulov

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