2014 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • The German team No. 4 and No. 14, beautiful

    The MOST BEAUTIFUL, Wonderful and Very-Very Nice girl (in Germany TEAM) - this is Player № 20 : MAREEN APITZ, born in DDR (Miracle girl :flower: player-setter) :mirror: :kiss:

  • How did Ferretti get injured???

    It was a simple jump to set, but she landed in one knee...she was already with injury in the knee...she had a tendinitis..but Bonitta said she was going to play this weekend to try help ITaly qualify to Final Round.

    I guess that was a bad choice....hope it was not to serious...but she was carried away from the court.. :( but it didnt look as serious as Lucia's.

  • Matthias, is Kard injuried? Or is just an option from Guidetti?

  • She is sick as far as I know.

    Brinker is playing her best match this summer in attack I think...

    Thank you...and agree! Germany is playing really well today.

  • First Bosetti now Ferretti, Italy is pretty unlucky this summer! However Signorille is not as bad as people were complaining.
    Italy needs a scorer MB. Bonifacio's approach in attacking is fun & bad :lol:

  • Alles ITALY team : KAPUT. Germany-Italy 2-0 (after 2 set) . Germany Team Press Italy :box: :dance6: :aww:

  • Is Ferretti's injury seirous ?( ;( if yes, then Rondon might be called to NT after WGP if necessary... right now Bonitta has unstable Signorile and youngter Malinov :S I hope that Malinov will play more :roll:

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  • This Italian team is a disaster. Is there anyone in this team who can kill a ball?
    Piccinini is humiliating herself. :white:

    Piccinini wasn't supposed to play this World Grand Prix: she is training to reach her best shape for the world championship. Bonitta was forced to put her on court because of Lucia Bosetti's injury, since Caterina Bosetti and Valentina Fiorin aren't good enough to play as starters a whole international tournament. The real Francesca Piccinini will be back for the most important tournament of the summer. :win:

  • You guys could use add on called `zenmate` at Chrome. It changes your server and you could watch it from laola this way.

    Thanks for the tip! It's working for me. :)

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  • This is not the day for Fabris :/

  • Three urgent thoughts about CRO-CZE

    1.Croatia are playing without OPP. Fabris is sleeping...fortunately Usic and Jerkov are covering her quite well. Poljak saved her team by her monster blocks.
    2.Bernarda Ćutuk is a good blocker but her attackers are :sos:
    3.Vincourova is better than Smutna IMO.
    4.Vanzurova is also sleeping...

    Come on girls, court is not where you sleep! Wake up and play!