2014 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • Carol in! Finally!

  • Brazil got the 3rd set...taking out Sheilla, Garaj and Thaisa was a wise decision by Guimares.

  • Carol's in for 5 minutes and she has 4 blocks :cheesy:

  • I really like this challenge system. I hope to see it since today always. As in tennis. Won't be that Referee will see something else than is reality.

  • Meliha :wall: Güldeniz :wall:
    It is extremely difficult to beat Brasil when you can't get any point from zone 2 . Turkey should play with a real OPP or try Neriman in this position.
    Meliha must be 1/20 or something like that

    How serious is Neslihan's injury? and Polen? I think Turkey's first task is taking off Seda from the roster :whistle:

  • Brazil from hell to the Gold Medal as in London.

    Haha. Brazil come back to live again.
    Really like Turkey's performance in the first 2 sets. Fast and high efficiency. It is very amazing!

  • ANYONE CAN SAY How Seriously with LISE van HECKE ????? Will She Play TOMORROW with Russia and at the World Championship-2014 in ITALY ??????? :obey: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

  • Polen isn't injured but no one knows the real reason of her absence. Neslihan is seriously injured,needs surgery but postponed the operation because she wants to play in WCH.
    Seda can't jump anymore and Yeliz can't be an option.
    Meliha is turning into a disappointment. She has no idea how to attack.

  • Sunderland said she did not have any specific injury, they did not want to cause any, or get her tired before WCH

    No! Her shoulder injury is pretty serious, I would be very surprised if she can recover on time for wch :S

  • Sunderland said she did not have any specific injury, they did not want to cause any, or get her tired before WCH

    Sunderland needs to research more. Neslihan has a problem in her shoulder. Now she is getting ready but can miss WCH. Polen was injuired before the Grand Prix. Nevertheless, she may play right now. Genious Barbolini did not add her to roster.

  • Feels like noone can attack from Zone 2 in Turkey, even Yeliz Basa who is supposed to be an opposite!

    Meliha is being a bit overrated during this tournament. Someone is trying to make a feeling that she is integrated to the team and how good it is etc. but thats not correct at all. Meliha does not receive properly, does not attack at all. All she does is serving well and I guess she can be used as a serving specialist instead of playing the entire game. Same applies for Guldeniz.

  • Wow, what a wonderful match! Congratulations to Turkey girls! :drink:

  • What a win by Turkey, congrats! Beating Brazil with only 2 attackers :white: Kimzsoy and Kimsirma saved Turkey today :thumbsup:

  • Gözde :obey: Neriman :obey:
    I will give MVP award to Gözde. She killed it at the end.
    These 2 players alone won the game for Turkey despite being the only scoring options of the team.
    Naz played a good game but she can't create a miracle when Meliha acts like it is the first time she is playing volleyball.
    At these stage Güldeniz is way better option than Meliha and Meliha shouldn't take any minute if she continues to play that way.