2014 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • Is Folie worst than Chirichella?!

  • Australia takes the second set vs Croatia. I really didnt expect this score

  • What a disaster this match. Brazil has no respect for the italian team.
    there is a lot to happen but so far, it looks like Brazil and Russia will decide the title from both GP and WCH. Russia with a little advantage so far.

  • This match shows how important Lucia Bosetti is for Italy, none of the other OHs is playing well today.

    On the other hand, playing like this Brazil is probably the strongest team in the world right now.

  • Really sad that Italy won't have Lucia anymore this year. Caterina is just not enough. Playing really bad today, just like her days in Osasco.

  • Jaque is so great after poorer performance in Montreaux 8o and she's still without club :what:

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  • Brazil has a really strong team. Each of these players are probably the top in their positions. If no injuries happen, I'm sure they will win everything this year. They are more of a team and compared to Russia, they have more experience and a better setter.
    I think tonight they did not need Sheila but I'm sure she will get in great shape in Vakifbank during the season.

    On the other hand, I'm surprised that there is another team in Europe having troubles with middles besides Turkey. I think Folie definitely deserved to play today. Del Core was horrible in attack however her replacement was not better either. I think C. Bosetti needs time, I saw good games of her if she plays regularly. I'm sure she will improve a lot in GsD next season as well.

  • We Chinese team and Italy team is really a bad,Luckily we from Brazil with a Bureau
    But our technology is too poor

  • i only caught US x TUR from 4th set, in which US just killed TUR, but then lost the 5th (too many errors).

    connection between adams and setters improved a lot, she's getting some kills, but still not perfect as it needs to be. thompson setting is very shaky. even connection with foluke is iffy. is glass sick?

    from the little i have seen of klineman, i'm not impressed. such a tall girl and she can't kill the ball?

    also caught BRA x iTA from 2nd set. BRA just killed ITA. wait, picci, del core and centoni? is this 2012??????

    where's ortolani? i miss her.


  • Congrat Girls and good luck for tomorrow !

    it was a good match ,i like it. Our block was pretty good interestingly. Gözde Sonsırma is really a class player.Neriman also was not bad. im happy that Kübra was useful and good at blocking. on the other hand,Usa' team's errors helped us in the match. Bahar made to many serving errors :aww: We are playing without opp..both Seda and Yeliz seem to be insufficient against good blocking teams. i like Güldeniz's game. She was useful. made 3 blocks and good defence. Asuman should play middles more against Russia.

    on Usa : their setters play REALLY fast :white: however all the players are not suitable for fast sets<.. Murphy is very suitable for fast sets not Hill. Robinson and Thopson's serve made us have hard times. Akinradewo is a class mb.she and murphy were best playerss of the usa team.

  • Really impressive game by Brasil. Dani Lins sets really fast and precise, all the main attackers were on fire, great block and efficient serves. To me Brazil is the best team in the world right now, I like their game, especially I like hoe Fè Garay plays: she hits really hard or she uses the block and she does whatever she wants. Congrats to them, they overclassed Italy.

    On the other hand I have to say that the loss of Lucia Bosetti was worst then I thought: Picci after a good first set and a half disappearead little by little, Del Core wasn't so effective in attack today, Caterina Bosetti is playing, since last summer, worse and worse, Fiorin is unexperienced on this level (I can't really judge her, she did very little today). I liked Centoni, but she can't play alone against Brazil. MBs were uncpnsostent, not so served and they didn't blocked so well. So this team needed a player as Lucia, one of the best Ohs in the world right now. What a pity, so sorry for her!!!
    I hope that from this point on, the girls will keep on working. The team is good, they need to improve day by day! C'mon :box: