2014 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • congrats turkey. its a huge victory against a super team like brazil. its really difficult to play without real opposite and 2 young players at the same time on court. kubra and meliha dont have enough experience for this level. so they were not good today. i am sure that they will improve their skill a lot in this NT period. Tandara, Carol,Gozde and Neriman :flower:

  • Wow, Congrats Turkey!!! Did their best match in this WGP I think specially of course the first two sets! Sonsirma did amazing...really solid in attack...real leader.

    Zé changed right in third set, Tandara, Carol and Gabi all entered really well, and Turkey didnt know how to cope with that change...but in fifth set Neriman made the difference I think.

    Turkey did like all teams should do against Brasil, serving aggressively and with few mistakes..I know that is not something easy to do..but taking the possibility for Brasil to play with MB is half way to beat them.

    Ismailoglu started really well the game, yes she is not much used in attack, but she did good job in beginning of the game, as the game passed by she lost a bit her productivity...as did Naz...imo...but she is young and an OH having to play as opp...so I think wanting to expect from her a opposite like act is not fair...but I think Turkey should try using more the Mb when possible...cause the team depend to much on Neriman and Gozde, and today they did great, but wont be always like that.

    Anyway, deserved victory for Turkey.

    And about Carol....I mean, she REALLY deserves to go to WCH instead of Adenisia, no doubt!!!

  • Meliha only with 3 points (1 attack,1 block and 1 serve) despite having played whole match :white:

  • Suck it powsoff! Now who doesn't deserve to be in finals? Turkey beat unbeaten Brasil and not at home soil as you claim turkey wins only with help of refree :roll:

  • Btw, Brazil did not lose any set at 2013 Grand Prix. Turkey has broken their record also. Good job girls!

    Gozde is one of the best 3 OH right now.

  • Very nice victory. I believe Kubra makes the gap smaller in the MB position. It also creates positive effwct on Bahar's performance. Overall great win.

  • Van Hecke was out due to a slight accumulation of fluid in the knee.


    More: (in press conference) - (Re. Lise Van Hecke): She has some reaction in the knee because of the high workloads placed on her in the World Grand Prix last week. She has an important position and has to jump a lot. It’s not critical but we have to be careful for this tournament so we decided not to let her play. We have to see her reaction and our needs for tomorrow and then decide. I think she will be able to play in this tournament but not sure. I don’t think she will be able to play the four remaining matches so we have to choose which matches she plays. She’s a young players and it’s important not to take a risk with a young player like her especially.


  • I think it is very interesting how Turkish players face the Brazilian team. They are not intimidated at all. They really study and analyse Brazil's NT and prepare adequate tactics.

    I believe Zé Roberto, on the other hand, did not prepare his team as he should have. Come on, how come all the serves were not directed to the Turkish libero?, just to give an example.

    A positive outcome of this match is the certainty that Brazil has got good bench players. I even think that Tandara should replace Sheilla as a starter in the following matches, she did a great job today.

    As a Brazilian fan, I really don't care about winning the Grand Prix. Having the WCH as the main goal, losing now has the advantage to show what needs to be imported. Having that in mind, I'm not really sure if Turkey can beat Brazil (if better prepared to face the Turkish NT, of course) again during this season. Let's wait and see.

  • Well those kind of comments for Meliha are too harsh! Fist of all in her first season with Senior NT she is playing a F6 of a very prestigious tournament and she is playing as a starter. Second of all she is not playing her real position and maybe if you see her play as OH and do a bad job then you can talk. I explained earlier why I think she is having problems attacking form the right side, and now I am more convinced in that - due to her arm swing and approach. She has a special arm swing that doesn't allow her to hit like she can from zone 2 (that can change with practice of course) and also she has never been hitting from there till now. Also she has been playing beach volley till recently and as you all know there the approach is very different and also you don't hit from the ends of the net but rather in the middle. So I don't think she or anyone else is 'guilty' of how she performs. I and everyone else should see her play as an OH and then criticize. And IMO she had been receiving fairly well.

    Bahar :rose: :rose: :rose:
    Gozde :super: :super: :super:

  • Big conrats to the turkish team completly deserved win.i already dont like brazilian team so this game was really good.I think turkey could finish it 3-0 also but they couldnt keep the concentration.Neriman and Gözde were outstanding its so funny how they collapsed brazilian defence.Their agggresive game style helps them so much and i think the turkish stuff works perfect on tactics thanks to vakibank 8) But i think this game doesnt mean they will be champion or medalists here russia,japan and maybe china can make damage and i guess they r on their top form which is not a good sign when the most important tournament is just away 5 weeks :S

  • Typical of Brazil to lose opening sets, tire the opponents and let them think they were owned.

    ....then storm back to finish the game with a win!

    But lets see if TUR could figure this out and post a W


  • What a game from Turkish girls :super: I don't think we can keep playing on this level whole tournament because we only attack with 2 players but at least we finally beat Brazil :cheesy: Though they'll be more careful in WCh against us now :lol: