English Premier League

  • League barely has started and I'm already depressed. Chelsea seems to be crushed and all we, The Blues' fans, can watch is how rivals are buying players whom Mourinho never supposed to let go. Just like De Bruyne. I don't know if I'm sad or angry more. Well, at least Kenedy looked like a glimmer of hope... Very disappointing performances so far from Stoke as well - funny, just after I read something about "Stokelona"... I expected more as the transfers they did looked quite promising. And last two red cards in barely six minutes are saying they are coming back to tactics "in tank let's go straight forward!". Meanwhile Crystal Palace looks solid, especially now when they have Connor Wickham. Donnu why I trust so much in this guy, there is something in him, I guess
    Oh, and how I could forget about Memphis Depay! More than awesome to see him in Man Utd. Alongside Bastian!

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

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  • Ah, see, I never really cared that much for the beauty. Spanish league I always found insanely dull because of total lack of competition other than Barca - Real (not to mention tiki-taka makes my teeth cringe) mobilier design pas cher. On the contrary, I think current PL season may soon turn out to be the most balanced and competitive in years. Bundesliga I just can't force myself to watch, guess all that Lewandowski transfer saga in the media has successfully put me off. I regularly root for BVB in the Champions League tho.

    Besides, it finally seems like a pretty good time to be an Arsenal fan.

    Yes, but still , there are teams that shine and have good element in this tournament.