KOVO 2013/2014 - Korean League

  • Playoffs matches are set up. The winner takes on IBK.

    03.20 - GS v KGC
    03.22 - KGC v GS
    03.24 - GS v KGC (if needed)

    On 11th March, Hi-pass was knocked out of the playoffs by Heungkuk. They should have won in 3 or 4 but failed after a 2-1 lead and winning 4th game in 11-5.
    This is the interview with Nicole. She scored 52 points and was really sad almost crying at the end.

  • Dominican player Bethania De La Cruz scored 39 points and her team GS Caltex defeated KGC 3x1, to advance to the Championship round, where they will face the actual Champions IBK.

    Bethania De La Cruz scored 73 points on both matches won by her team, for an average of 36.5 points per game.

  • After scoring 50 points the last game Dominican Bethania De La Cruz scored 54 points in four sets during today's match to take the GS Caltex to a fifth game to decide the Korean League Women's Championship this Friday.

    Bethania De La Cruz has an average of 41.5 points per game during this final.

  • Congratulations to GS Caltex for the championship! Too late I know. :roll:

    GS blew me away. I was almost certain IBK was about to pull off this one.

    Bethania was on a roll. Unstoppable. :win:

    She is ready for Europe. There are some rich teams there with no good opposites as her.

    Joyce and Fawcett are on the same level. Joyce played a little bit better than Nicole this season. I think they could go for a good team in Europe, not a top one, just in case they want to leave Korea.

  • What do you think about other foreigners in this league?

  • What do you think about other foreigners in this league?

    Maybe you want to catch up on Yeliz, so I'm going to talk more about her.

    Someone may think she was not good enough, based on her performance itself. In fact, amongst foreigners, she has played the less decisive role in a team. This is somehow true. Nevertheless, it's a shallow opinion in my book.
    Hyundai has already a right-side hitter. She is the captain, one of the best paid korean players and loved by the people there. In its heydays, she teamed up with Kim. Kim hitting from the left side and she attacking from the right side.
    I'm bringing this up because almost all season Yeliz didn't have the opportunity to play her best hit. Only in few rotations, she was allowed to hit from the left side that is her best according to what I saw, even though Hwang Youn-joo was not in a good mood and the most reasonable thing was to take her out from the hitting to let Yeliz do the job. She seemed very uncomfortable with this situation and looked up every time she was able to run outside shots.
    In summary, Hyundai's offensive system limited her big time. That's why I think it's unfair to stand any comparison with Joyce and Nicole.
    For top teams in Turkey, she could be a very good sub. Polen is more talent, but Yeliz has a good experience and is a good player. I don't know if it's financially viable. Regarding only volleyball stuffs, I wouldn't think twice. It's worth a shot.

    Vasileva and Ocasio had a hard job there because they should pass before hitting, when they were targeted by the opponent's serve. When it comes to korean league, that's not an easy task because foreigners must hit like 6-7 times out of 10 and, at least for Elitsa, her team didn't have much options than her.
    On average, she showed a good game. There are some elements she could hone for the future to put up all her talent on court. For instance, her footstep job before a pass sometimes is uncertain and slow. I guess she has some dificulties to read some sort of serves and know where the ball is going on. That's why sometimes she doesn't seem ready for passing when the ball reaches her.

    Karina had a good season and IBK was the best until the finals. The only thing they missed I guess is that she could be more decisive in big matches. Park Jeong-ah and Kim Hee-jin can lend a hand, but aren't main hitters.

  • Thanks a lot for detailed answer :drink:
    It is really hard to compare Yeliz's performance by considering her two season in asia. It is still a question mark for me that she perform due to her improvement or simply because of low blocks against her. :huh:

  • Nayeon Lee of GS will come back next season!
    I am happy to see her again. :dance4:

    Yoomi Han will also come back next season.
    She will play in Hyundai Hillstate team.

    Sooji Kim made 3 year contract with Heungkuk from next season

    Hyohee Lee leaved IBK and join High pass Zenith.

    Not sure but Nicole Fawcett will stay for next season in High pass Zenith team

    Daeyoung Jung moved to High pass Zenith.

  • :woohoo: :dance6:

    Hyundai is angry for such a letdown this season. The team is looking great for a shot at the title. :super: I'll put them down in my favourites list.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on this! :win:

    I heard that Polina Rahimova will join the team. Let's see how they improve the next season. :)