technical problems/missing posts

  • i noticed that ever since the new URL, many posts are missing, including new ones i posted to the men's euro champ., the posts were posted at first but now are missing.

    also right now, i'm logged in but when i go to the women's 2014 WC thread, i cannot reply bc i'm logged out when i go there, and if i try to log in again, it tells me i cannot access that page.

  • I agree, both the missing posts and problems logging in/logging out... :win:

    Hopefully the problems will be solved soon :win:

  • By phone- opera mini problem doesn't exist.

    By pc- firefox- problem is.

    Maybe Opera in pc and problem will disappeard.

  • It's also weird because the last post time next to the belonging subject is wrong. For instance I wrote something about Turkey NT in the Female players category, and it was yesterday but the last post sent seems like from a week earlier. What is really going on??? :down:

  • refreshing doesn't make the missing posts re-appear... :wacko:

    I have the same both on firefox and chrome. Try refreshing page with ctrl+r (it's called 'hard refreshing' or something like that) whenever you're on the main page or in the thread. The new posts will appear.

  • I can't see new posts in most of the threads :( it's annoying me so much

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  • Quoted from "ravens#7"
    I have to refresh pages to see new posts.

    I still have this problem. I have to refresh always.

    I have the same problem too...and when I read a thread it still appears as I didn't read the last posts. I have to refresh every time then the thread appears as read.

  • I have big problems editing post and PMs....

    It is REALLY sad the forum has become like this....with so many problems... :wall: :wall: :wall:

  • When will you solve these obstacles? It becomes annoying :mad:

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  • It works properly :woohoo:

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  • I apologize for all these technical problems. I know it was really annoying, but sometimes we are not able to solve the problem in one day ;)
    so thank you for patient and I hope we won't have this kind of troubles in the future (:

  • Thank you Justyna for sorting it out :flower: Instead of complaining so much, people should try to see that you do all this in your free time, so of course it can take a while. Anyway good that now everything works fine again :drink:

  • I have never blamed Justyna or anyone else personally :!:

    I just got totally crazy because it seemed nothing worked properly. --> Ithe software sucked big time

    Thanks, Justyna :flower: :flower: :flower: