Japan - V.Premier League 2013-2014

  • Most Valuable Player Award : Risa Shinnabe (Hisamitsu Springs)

    Fighting Spirit Award : Miyashita Haruka (Okayama seagulls)

    Best 6 Awards :
    Risa Shinnabe (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Nagaoka Miyu (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Saori Sakoda (WS - Toray Arrows)
    Iwasaka Nana (MB - Hisamitsu Springs)
    Mai Yamaguchi (MB - Okayama Seagulls)
    Miyashita Haruka (S - Okayama Seagulls)

    Best Libero Award : Tsutsui Sayaka
    Best Receive Award : Arisa Sato

    Best Scorer : Saori Sakoda (Toray Arrows) --- 543 points
    Best Spiker : Lauren Paolini (Hitachi Rivale) --- 49%
    Best Blocker : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous) --- 0.87 per set
    Best Server : Ishii Yuki (Hisamitsu Springs) --- rate 16.3
    Best Serve Receiver : Risa Shinnabe --- 72.7%

    Best Rookie Award : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous)

  • The V-League has adopted new rules for the 2014-2015 season

    1. There will be 3 matches against all opponents instead of 4 (21 matches)
    2. Adopting the 3,2,1,0 match points system
    3. Tiebreakers after match points, winning percentage (matches won/matches played), sets ratio, points ratio
    4. If those are all tied, then it is just between those teams' matches against each other
    5. Top 6 teams make the playoffs (Bottom 2 teams are in promotion/relegation playoff)
    6. First round of playoffs 1 vs. 6, 2 vs. 5 and 3 vs. 4 (1 match only), the top ranked winning seed advances to the final
    7. The other two winners playoff in the semifinal (1 match only)

  • Teams may not post team e-mail addresses on the sites and none of the pages are in English.

    Pioneer has ended their sponsored team and I doubt that it would continue as a club team. This is due to Pioneer's financial losses in their business.