2015 European Championships - Netherlands and Belgium

  • Congrats Belarus :super: But I still want to see a good performance of Croatia against Russia tonight ;)

  • This means Bulgaria wont have a chance to play the Olympic Qualification tournament? I feel sorry for them..

    It looks like Croatia will go to Ankara and Bulgaria won't have a chance. That's really sad. This team looks very promising 2 years ago. Filipova, Rabadzhieva, Nikolova, Vasileva...

  • Natalia Kurnikowska today:
    Receptions: total 25 , 1 error 56%/48%
    Attack: 14/27 52%
    :win: :win:

  • Playing with reserve players would be so unfair to BLR NT... :thumbdown: And for BUL NT too because Bulgaria and Croatia fight for the last spot in the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Ankara!

    I really like CRO NT and I wish them all the best. I can say that I have supported this team for about 10 years. :teach: Anyway, I want Croatia to deserve for the second round in a fair competition...

    Unfair? Actually I don't agree. It would be unfair if it was a way to get second place instead of first and have a better combination later, but this is not the case.
    Now Russia earned on the court the right to let the reserve players play and do their best to prove they deserve a spot on court, and at the same time to let the main players rest. I can't see how let players rest/have a chance is unfair. When a team needs other team results they can't complain if they play with whoever they want, unless it's clear they do that to have a better combination in the second fase.

  • This team of Bulgaria is another national disgrace. We all hoped before ECH that they will be a good exemple for young generations but they are just the next failed bulgarian generation. Again thanks to good coaching by Nesic. All shoud be ashamed and do not return in Bulgaria. If someone other national team want them they are welcome. And female volleyball have to be banned for praticing in Bulgaria by law. Another humilation after another humiliation. Third championshiop in a row in which they can't pass group stage.

  • Congrats Belarus! Nobody expected they will finished 2nd in the pool. Croatia should send flowers to them. Thanks to Belarus they have qualified to next stage and, most important, buy more than the half of the ticket to Ankara.

    And well, I guess Poland also have more chances to be in quater finals. I'm not saying Belarus will be easy, but polsih players are experienced enough to play this do-ir or die matches.

  • I have no idea what Bonitta seees in Diouf. She brings absolutely nothing to this team. She has a horrible volleyball tecnique, zero athletic skills, cannot block to save her life. She jumps like she tripped on a cable someone dropped on the floor.

  • Stream for Cro-Rus ? please, this from HRT4 doesnt work for me

  • Stronger roster for Russia.

  • Ivana Milos still amazing for now.

  • This is Crostia !!!..16:15 fot Cro!

  • Ivanaa !
    Croatia is leading 20:18
    Edit:23:20 Come on Croatia :super:

  • This is for everyone !!! 25:21 Cro.
    Even we lose this matche we show that we can play against strongest teams

  • Well done Croatia in this first set ! :) Maybe this good performance will add them more confidence before playoffs

  • Ivana Milos is so good player in attack for now she has 4/4 :)

  • Only need reception improve. 7:8 for Rus