2015 European Championships - Netherlands and Belgium

  • Croazia is hopeless. They just collect nosenses one by one. Milos on the slide, seriously? Brcic and Fabris last hope for them.

    I was thinking the same, Grbac needs to use her brain.

  • Bozicevic is playing amazing !!!

  • Bozicevic is playing amazing !!!

    Yeah, today is her Best match

  • Vercesi should bring back Barun on court

  • I would say rhat Mira Topic is doing amazing job !

  • Damn it!!! They're doing such a terrible mistakes at the end of the set...italy is not better, they're Just doing less mistakes :down:

  • What is missing in our game...Ivana Milos, she is not playing like she did. Senna is Senna...Sometikes very good but again bad.

    Good player for now are Bozicevic, Poljak and Topic.

  • Exactly, that's the problem. Maybe same problem with Bulgaria. They are a very good team if we examine them individually but they never work as a team.

    Italy aren't playing well at all, Lucia Bosetti is just like second libero, Caterina quite useless, Chirichella, Guiggi decent and Diouf playing her life match. I'm not convinced by Lo bianco, but compared to Ana Grbac, her sets are genius enough.

  • Let Brcic play. How could you go on with Grbac? Vercesi, wake up! Diouf is already tired. Usic is the worst blocker I ever saw in my life. She has been used finger by finger from the beginning to now. One of the reason why Diouf's straight spikes are points. Topic on the other side is doing good job. I want Fabris and Brcic now.

  • I wish Jerkov were there in order to replace Usic, or why not Klaric?

    Just watching GER-HUN, I didn't know Horvath was playing for her NT.

  • I think many clubs that are looking for a decent OH would want to transfer Mira Topic, even though her club season was very bad in Poland.

    Edit : Grabc, what was that...again? :rolll:

  • Angelo please, Bernarda Brcic in...

  • Senna should take a break and watch the match from the banch for a while...

  • Croatia with their stupid errors...again :cursing:

    Did Usic receive at least one ball good enough today? Also Barun seems to be out of shape... :aww: