2015 European Championships - Netherlands and Belgium

  • I buy your earlier comments and agree but I dont get what this last one has to do with the challenge system when WGP finals werent in Turkey. All I remember is, Neriman failed badly in that game, Guldeniz came in, Turkey received much better. But the key point at that game was amazing defense of Guldeniz-Gözde-Gizem trio who covered Koshaleva's attacks pretty well. Besides even Guldeniz attacked smart and did not hit Russian blocks again and again.

    No doubts that TUR defends better than NED and in that Grand Prix game they were working well however even in that game Kosheleva killed smth like 48%, with Goncharova being not that far, whilst their Turkish counterparts were well in 30%s. (In the ECH final Kosheleva had 52%). The icing for the cake of Turkish block-defense came - as it frequently happens - from the Ref's post, which was later admitted even by Turkish captain.

    Don't get me wrong, home refereeing is a normal phenomenon. The problem is that it makes every judgement about the greatness of the home team less reliable. E.g. the block-outs of the visitor team may always be counted as outs, so there is a need to score into the floor.

    Having said that, there are no unbeatable teams and the reigning Echamp has been well beaten not so long ago.

  • 2015 Sitting Volleyball European Championship:

    1. 3 Ukraine
    2. 2 Russia
    3. 3 Slovenia
    4. 2 Netherlands

    Ukraine qualified to Para Olympic Games in Rio.