European Championships 2015 - hosts Italy and Bulgaria

  • What on earth is going on with Germany?

    What do you mean? Bulgaria beating Germany on volleyball, at home in front of 12k fans seems like the most normal thing to me :D

  • People from Varna always brag how they are the real volleyball fans, not Sofia. Well, today we saw exactly what fans are they, may be of our team, but not of our sport. We should send free tickets to Poland, where the real volleyball fans are.

  • Estonian coach must be twin of Hannibal :what:

    Lol that guy is super creepy

  • Estonian coach must be twin of Hannibal :what:

    I have stopped to watch Hannibal in season 2, 9-10 part where He first ate pig which ate human meat and then He ate human meat.

  • Giannelli is setting some terrible balls to Zaytsev. Now he comes back in the third set with fierce serving.
    Juantorena is usually below average in receiving but today he is in another level. :lol:
    Lanza is by far the best player of the match
    It is good to see Estonian players giving some fight . Their star is their coach. He is one of the most charismatic coaches I have ever seen :P

  • Volvich NO :white:

    Vlasov is a Middle BLOCKER

    Alekno, please... Musersky and Vlasov!

  • Besides the fact of paying money to watch ESTONIA, scheduling the match in Turin at that time basically forced everyone to spend the night there. Hopefully more people will show up against France (hopefully not all of them being French).

  • Junaci! :cheesy: :obey: I have to watch this, because even for the biggest holder of "pink glasses" as me, winning to Germany in just 3 sets is like a dream!

    I have seen a few actions of SRB-SVK and have to say Serbs looked so unsure when Slovaks were leading! Pity this third set ended so ugly. But the main referee looked a bit out of this galaxy to me!

    Ok, I was hoping Antiga finally realized Nowakowski's poorness but the reason he put Kłos in starting six instead was... Nowakowski has some problem with his back. Please, the universe, make Kłos playing like a beast so he can stay there even if Nowakowski's back will be ok! Meanwhile, Kurek has not a serious but painful dislocated finger. And still playing. Kubiak was an awesome setter in this match! 8) Konarski - nah! nah! NAH! :pinch: Even the biggest, the most beautiful, most impressive block doesn't help him to create a positive picture of his playing.
    Generally - ok but "without going crazy". Lack of concentration in second set almost cost us losing it.

    But you should know most of the volleyball halls would be empty without bimbeminkias.

    Who, on sweet world, are bimbeminkias? :?:

    It's time for the depressing question again: where can a poor Norwegian see any of the action in the ongoing European Championship?
    Waiting for the even more depressing answer .... (sigh!) X(

    What particular teams/matches would you like to see? I'll try to provide you some links though I can't promise it will be much of use in your country.

    Estonian coach must be twin of Hannibal :what:

    Hahaha! He's scary though I have never think of him as a twin of Hannibal, indeed they're similar! Somehow I got used to this sight as he's coaching Cuprum Lubin. He even looked very friendly to me although his Hannibal-look-alike appearance!

  • :white:
    Congrats bro's !

    The scoresheet looks even tighter than the match actually was. What a performance, what a slaughter.....