Women’s Top Volley International 2013

  • Ju Carrijo and Kim Glass were great too, in my opinion

    Right ; 4 good games by these players too.
    Antonjevic, according to me, was great because she sets alone with a very unusual team and the result was not so bad. 6 main players were off for Cannes ...

  • She was good, but I prefered Antonijevic...unfortunately she couldn't show her usual game without Aelbrecht and Rasic as MBs.

    Other awards weren't given, but I'm pretty sure Maryukhnich would have been best blocker. She played a really great tournament :obey:

    Quite agree about this Ukrainian MB
    and even it's a pity MBs players are always less considered than opposites or OHs for the MVP title
    But it's not very important :roll:

  • Aelbrecht and Rasic are the main MBs? What about Ravva? Why didn't she play? I'm really lost here... I don't know

  • I watched 11 games in Basel and I made all stats. In final, Rosir Calderon had 24 points : 20 attacks, 2 aces, 2 blocks.
    But, she made 7 (!) errors and she was blocked 3 times. So, 20/36 (55,5%) but at last (positive and negative) => + 14.
    Sokolova (10/19) 1 error, 1 blocked. 1 ace => + 9

    As said before, the both MBs were great, not only in final vs MBs under 1.88m but in all this tournament.

  • Well good tournament for cannes. But they could have done better because even without 6 players they had quite good roster on the paper (Yaneva, Bokan, centoni, Antonijevic...). The good thing is that Fang played à lot with partenio and the Lazic sisters and it´s good for them.
    And the most important is that they played against physicaly strong players (Carcases, Calderon, Ryliuk...) so they can prépare to meet Montaño in next CL round.
    Ssuschke had a contract with rc cannes until this tournament. anyone knows if she will continue with cannes because of Ravva being still out or if they will count on rasic, aelbrecht and steupeuraert??