2014 FIVB World League

  • Overall, i don't really like that there are so many world ranking points awarded for world league.

    With the new format, we have a reduced amount of teams, being able to fight for the highest points, "free rides" for the hosts of final tournaments and the qualification mode is not very transparent.

    The reason for this low of a score was to reward the 1st Division teams (Group A and B), so even if you won the 2nd Division (to advance to the 1st Division Final 6) you only get the reward of winning that level. Kind of odd scoring.

    Realistically if they are going to only have 8 teams in the top division, it should be a final 4 and not 6. Just have the 4 teams (host, two group winners and the best 2nd place team) and then a round robin tournament over 3 days.

  • 4 teams is too low for the title to have any meaning, the variation will be too great, e.g. random winner. Even now chance is playing too huge role with 3 teams in a group. If they want random champions, they can pull them out of a hat, instead of having those matches played.

  • Official- Australia will replace Bulgaria in 2015 World League Elite.