2014 FIVB World League

  • Germany is winning the second match vs. Argentina in "come back style".

    After losing the first two sets, Heynen converted Fromm to the opposite position and obviously, that brought the change. So sadly, neither Hirsch nor Prolingheuer could deliver. Kaliberda made his first match after his injury and according to the reports, it was far from perfect yet.

    Next weekend, Germany will play France in Stuttgart. Schöps, Böhme, Tille and Broshog will return to the squad.

  • Łukasz Żygadło, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Paweł Zatorski and Piotr Nowakowski join Polish NT in Italy. Łukasz Perłowski with Paweł Woicki come back home. Bartosz Kurek got a longer break because of back's pain (nothing serious). It seems that we'll have 14 players in Italy.

    Probable Polish Roster in Rome vs. Italy:
    S: Drzyzga, Żygadło
    OP: Bociek, Konraski
    OH: Ruciak, Mika, Buszek, Ferens
    MB: Nowakowski, Kłos, Wrona, Wiśniewski
    L: Zatorski, Ignaczak

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  • What about Winiarski??
    I am really looking forward this weekend..Italy vs Poland - probably best match in this round..just wonder what will Brazil look like and also will keep my eye on Cuba

  • Looking at the roster,we will be likely to play with youngsters..

    Opposite player Serhat Coşkun is absent in the roster. He must have an injury. This mean we will play with Metin Toy (20)

    Burutay Subaşı has been one of the most promising players in here,however,she didnt play much in last season due to Halkbank's superstar foreigners.

    Tomi Coskovic is also in the roster.

    My first seven would be :

    Setter : Arslan Ekşi
    Opposite : Metin Toy
    Outside Hitters : Burutay Subaşı - Burak Güngör
    Middle blockers : Emre Batur - Kemal Kayhan
    Libero : Hasan Yeşilbudak

    if Burutay's shape isnt good enough then Tomi Coskovic or Turgay Doğan can play if they are available during the match. Other middle blocker Emin Gök may play instead of Kemal Kayhan. Both are not good blockers. I wish middle blocker Hakkı Çapkınoğlu were in the wide roster.

  • is it just my feeling, or is this World League getting more and more unimportant for the (big) Nations?

    More and more Teams don`t playing with best teams, sending B Teams or mixed Team to the games.

    It`s it maybe because of the, im my point of view, old fashioned schedule, when Teams playing two games eachother on one weekend!?!

    It would be more interesting to do it like the Women in World Grand Prix, with games against 3 other Teams on one Weekend.

    To fly around the world, because of 2 games against the same Team and flying back home is quite boring and an ecological and economical nonsense

  • I don't see it that way..other competitions are more important for "big" nations..every coach and player say that OG are NO.1 competition and the other one is WCH..so every team who has high expectations in Poland try to be in form for that period of time..nobody eant to get hurt in WL :lol:

  • I will leave the whole commercial "summer" meaning of the product World League aside for a while. This A and B squad separation is mostly visible among the big teams, the ones which can normally afford it. And still you have Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria, Serbia, USA, France and Argentina playing with the best they have, regardless of current shape. As it is not a top-priority tournament, teams often start the summer season slowly and with unusual line-ups. Evident in Olympic and WCH seasons. Practically every other year. It might suck sometimes, but you still see great volleyball, at least most of the time.

    As for the tournament formula, they have tried several alternatives over the years and we can argue forever which fit best or least. You have Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and USA among the top teams, in addition to Canada, Japan, Iran following closely, so you would have to travel occasionally, no matter whether for two games in a weekend or for a whole tournament.

  • Italy and Poland to play outside in Rome??? So that's why the beach volley European Championship was relocated :D

    Yes, it's a test before opening match WCH Poland-Serbia in Warsaw stadium. I hope it will be fine. It's a pity we won't play in full squad in Rome. It seems Antiga wants to play by reserve squad all the world league. I think this squad for Brazil was enough but for Italy's full squad - not.

  • According to siatka.org our starting line-up against Italy in first match will be:
    Drzyzga - Buszek - Kłos - Bociek - Mika - Wrona - Zatorski (L)

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Vital Heynen nominated 14 players for the matches vs. France.
    Schöps, Zimmermann, Strohbach, Böhme, Broshog and Tille are back. Kühner, Prolingheuer, Zachrich and Westphal will get a break.

    Setter: Lukas Kampa (Radom/POL), Jan Zimmermann (VfB Friedrichshafen)
    Op: Jochen Schöps (Rzeszow/POL), Simon Hirsch (Generali Haching)
    OH: Christian Fromm (Perugia/ITA), Björn Höhne (TV Ingersoll Bühl), Denis Kaliberda (Wegiel/POL), Tom Strohbach (Generali Haching)
    MB: Philipp Collin (Tours/FRA), Michael Andrei (St-Nazaire/FRA), Tim Broshog (Maaseik/BEL), Marcus Böhme (Generali Haching)
    Libero: Markus Steuerwald (Paris/FRA), Ferdinand Tille (Generali Haching)

  • Czechy - Korea Południowa 3:2
    (31:33, 25:19, 26:24, 26:28, 20:18]

    Składy zespołów
    Czechy: Linz (27), Vesely (12), Mach (11), Habr (7), Michalek (16), Krisko (23), Krystof (libero) oraz Holubec i Bartos
    Korea Południowa: Song (14), Lee M., Park (4), Choi (8], Jeon (28], Park C. (20), Lee K. (libero) oraz Han, Kwak (2), Bu (libero), Kim (3) i Ha (8]

  • Brazi lost 2nd set thanks to Mauricio who got blocked twice in the finish when Brazil had counter to have set points, and he made receiving error on 29:30. Why he, why not Fonteles?