Hi , from Turkey - Istanbul

  • Hi guys .
    I am Alper ; 26 years old .

    My team is Galatasaray !
    My favourite players ; Calderon , Gozde Sonsirma, Milena Rasic , Neriman , Thaisa and Poljak .
    My favourite song : Nocturne :)
    My favourite colour combination : purple and green :)

    My favourite cities : Lisboa , Athens and ofcourse Istanbul !!!

    Thanks ... :flower:

  • Thank you guys :flower:

  • Welcome to the forum, Alper :win: :flower:

  • Hi Alper - Siusho! :D

    That's why you chose this nick? :thumbsup:

    It was my first assosaction, when I saw your nick (but this song is Armenian, no Turkish :S Maybe this mean something in Turkish?)

    By the way, welcome :)!

  • Hi there :wavy: Nice to welcome another new guy here ;)

    Keep being active, keep cheering Galatasaray, keep loving volleyball and keep wearing purple-green ;) :D

    Any interest in male volleyball?

    Have fun :drink: and see ya!

    "People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness."

  • Welcomee :wavy:
    My fav player is Strashimira Filipova, but I also like Thaisa, Poljak and Mila Rasic :drink:

    Silver Medal 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League - Women

  • Thank ou guys , thank you very much , love you !

    Pokolul ; yeah SiruSho :) But , i prefer Qele Qele :)

    bella : I'm not very interested in men's volleyball, but Simon, I'm liking a lot Stankovic :dance6: