Brazilian Cup 2014

  • I coloured draws: blue v blue and red v red.
    It seems it's only Sesi v Praia live. In fact, I really don't know anymore...

    So true..sorry I didnt notice before..hehehe thanks. ;)

    Also, one more thing. The winner of the Cup will play in South American Club Championships. But it has been announced few days ago that Osasco will be the host of SACC (they are giving them everything on the golden plate, aren't they? :roll: ), so they are already qualified, but CBV still DOESN'T know what happens when Osasco wins they Cup. There should be another team going, right?

    Nothing new on that. :whistle::rolleyes::P

  • Amil Campinas 3x1 Pinheiros (18-21, 21-11, 21-16, 21-19)

    Unilever 3x0 Rio Do Sul (21-12, 21-17, 21-15) - Fofão and Mihajlovic didn't play the match. I know Fofão is recovering from a problem in her calf, I hope she can play today...I dont know about Branka though..I hope she was just rested.

    Molico Osasco 3x0 Minas Tênis Clube (21-14, 21-10, 21-14)

    SESI-SP 3x1 Praia Clube/Banana Boat (24-22, 11-21, 21-19, 21-15) - Unfortunately Kim Glass twisted her ankle during the game. :( I wish her a fast recover.

  • Sesi had 17x8 in the first set and Unilever turned it into a weird. Well, this is one of the worst seasons I've seen from Unilever...maybe the worst since 2004. The 2011/2012 season with Mari, Sheilla and Fernanda Venturini was also bad, but at least the didn't lose so many matches.

  • First of all, congratulations to Molico/Nestlé! :drink: The Cup is in the right hands.

    Unilever is trying hard to set up some issues without success so far. Gabi is far away from her prime and our staff is between a rock and a hard place in order to get know how to line up our team. Amongst all other stuffs, I would like to flag up a technicall point. Gabi's best hit is in the gap between the outside blocker and the middle. I remember the world youth, when middles still have troubles by reading the game and running to form a double before the opponent hits the ball. She was unstoppable. Also during Grand Prix, she did it great. The point is that our passing is awful and Fofão is having to use long and slow sets. She is hitting with a double set up in front of her which means without her best hit and having no easy life there.

    I know how our staff love to line up a strong wing-spiker blended with a tactical one. Last year, they usually put on a tactical (Logan or Gabi) and a strong (Natália or Régis) together. But this year our passing isn't working anyway. In that case, I think Branca and Régis aren't a bad formation because both are able to hit long sets. It was clear, they had no intention to take off Gabi against Sesi, and were switching over Branca with Régis every time. If or passing isn't working and we don't have middles to hit, Branca/Régis/Sarah will suit more this kinda of situation than Gabi in I guess. At least, we should have a shot at this. We might strenght our service and kill on block at defence (our block is good for long sets) and run long sets at attack.