2014 CEV U20 European Championship - Czech Republic / Slovakia - 08/29

  • Individual Awards:
    MVP: Pavel Pankov (Russia)
    Best Scorer: Bartosz Bućko (Poland)
    Best Spiker: Toncek Stern (Slovenia)
    Bset Server: Nohoarii Paofai (France)
    Best Blocker: Maxim Belogortsev (Russia)
    Best Setter: Pavel Pankov (Russia)
    Best Receiver: Tomasz Fornal (Poland)
    Best Libero: Kacper Piechocki (Poland)

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • It is a pleasure to watch this russian team, they play so great !!

    I think some players should go to small russian team to get some playing time, because sitting on bench whole season like poletaev did last year won't help their development

    Volkov so promising as well, doing a wonderful job till now

    Poletaev played on Superleague Final Six as a starter due Mikhaylov injury. In fact we was one of the best in Zenit's squad. Pankov also had playing time in Gazprom Yugra Surgut. Others were playing in youth league ;)

    I didn't watch a single match. My computer simply didn't allow me to do that. Anyway, I'm proud of our guys as they made it to the final. Doesn't matter if they lost it in straight sets. Not a shame at all, losing to Russia as they're the strongest, guessing from your posts. Can someone tell me how Piechocki were doing throughout the tournament? And if there is any connection between this younger Volkov and the older one?

    This Polish generation was the best one I've seen in years. Level above previous one I saw in Gdynia. :teach: This is Polish the first medal on junior level after 1998, so big success. And this Russia is the most dominant generation I've ever seen. Simply those guys will rule the volley world, especially Poletaev, Pankov and Vlasov. They were playing senior volley even last year, Pankov and Poletaev took gold on Junior WCH in Turkey as starters.

    No connection between that Volkov and the Volkov :win:

  • Well, Poland played really nice tournament and head coach Jacek Nawrocki was happy that they could achieve it despite obstacles with team. There were some problems with injuries of Artur Szalpuk (OH) who couldn't be there and Paweł Gryc (OP/OH) who got inujred in first match (but Bućko replaced him with nice result and award :D). Nawrocki complained that there were problems with bench...

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game