Polish NT 2014

  • Our federation chosed new coach to solve problem why we lost everything in 2013 with Olympics. Antiga started to treat every player the same, everybody had new card. Kurek must work harder because he is destroying his career. In 2011 or at begining 2012 when somebody could tell me Kurek out of NT because being too weak and there are better players, you kidding? I think nowdays situation with Kurek started when he was getting worse and played only because he had famous surname and all results went to nowhere. He was rude because we and Anastasi spoiled him that however he play he must be in NT. It's a pusnishment for him. And I really don't believe in his get better in upcoming season in club where Kovar and Parodi are better than him more regular and Italian coaches prefer let play their local players. This is why his situation is worse than some people can even realized.

    The spoiling part seems to be right, at least taking into consideration all those recent articles that are cropping up recently. They all just make my head explode.

    Whatever the case might be, Antiga's move was bold and hopefully all his decisions pull off.

  • Ok, enough silence. Anything I write, DarkHorse is going to tell me I'm Kurkofan. I don't care. Nice to have you back, Ojla ;) I think you understand me quite well, as I wrote about me and my distance between me and the team.

    I don't know how the reality looks like. Some people say, it's Antiga who didn't give Kurek enough chances. Some people say, it's Kurek who was like a drama figure. Fu*k it. You can give as many stats as you want. Well, you already did that. Comparing Kurek's efficiency to Mika's or Buszek's. But you know what? It was Kurek who carried his team on his own backs past few seasons. And it's not my words only. It's the words of his teammates. I can agree that he lost himself somewhere. Who wouldn't? If you call him a foundation, a leader? I may sound as in disarray but Mika and Buszek never had such expactations on their shoulders. It's still ahead of them. I'm a bit lost because I just read that Kurek actually resigned himself from Nt when he found out that Antiga wants him to be Wlazły's substitute. But the truth is in all tournaments, we won or lost, Kurek was this leader everyone saw in him. We won - he was the best and everyone praised him. We lost (eg. ECh taking place in Poland) - he took ALL the blame on his chest.

    My post won't change anything. I'm Kurkofan and all that... I don't want to accuse him. I want to understand. Once we had another person who was, like Ojla called it, enfant terrible. It was Mariusz Wlazły. And then I thought like hahahaha, Bartek Kurek will never be like this. I was wrong. I can admit that. Because I would never thought our team will stay one day without him. After so many controversy. But it's our environment. So I look at Kurek with a knowledge I didn't have when it was all about Wlazły.

    Kurek is not with the team anymore, So what is all about this discussion? Some people wants to prove sth. For what? Mika and Buszek has no experience comparing to Kurek's. You can all say how weak receiver he is. How weak defender he is. Go ahead. But the truth is that any polish player didn't face such responsibility. We played good - great, Kurek was awesome! We played bad - it's like that: Kurek plays bad, whole team looks bad. So leave the guy alone. Maybe he became sth in shape of a star, I won't say he didn't. But imo it's inappropriate to compare him to players who didn't play in NT more than few weeks. Kurek was with this team since 2009 doesn't matter if he was cured or not, if sth hurted him or not.

    Now, the thing that's killing me is that people say bad words about Mika or Buszek. Geez, as if it was their fault Kurek is out. And it's not. Guys deserve their chance, ofc. Fans have to realize they won't give back Kurek to NT just by complaining. We have to face new situtation. Second part of people say bad words about Kurek, for a change. And to be honest I have enough of World Championship 2014 in Poland before the party even started for good. The atmosphere around is already so spoiled that I'm seriously worried about guys. First, the smallest hall we played in, then matches on tv in pay per view and later all saga with Kurek.

    I would like to know the recipe for peace. But I don't. When I found out that we will be host of WCh in 2014 I was so happy that's impossible to express in thousand words. Now everything changed. I have to finally face that sport in our time is not as pure as it's in my imagination. And money and connections speak the loudest.

  • Bella :flower:

    I just felt a sudden urge to hug you.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. And it really doesn't make me a "Kurkofan". Seriously. Those are just honest words. Stats don't lie, sure, but we can't treat them as the ultimate measures. Therefore I agree with both DarkHorse and Bella.

    Maybe Bartek has totally gone rogue, I don't know, but you know what? I don't care that much, that really doesn't change the situation for us right now. What I know is that he's been our real backbone for the past couple of years. And that's something we should keep in mind. I'm not saying we should nourish it and mention every single time, but leaving it behind and bashing the ish out him is not entirely cool as well. Ok, some people may say that I focus on the past only (which is not completely right), but forgetting all those things and blaming other people who were trying to figure out the reason why Bartek is so casually out of the team is just not fair.

    I just think we should try to move on, 'cause this thing with Kurek, I mean, I know it still creates lots of arousal, but it also stirs up lots of unnecessary drama and emotions (the negative ones, blaming one another, accusing, calling names etc.)

    As for the part, where Bella refers to WCh in Poland. I feel you, girl. I mean, sure, I'm waiting for the competition to start, but purely for sports reasons. The atmosphere around this event is already too draining, when it's supposed to be totally the opposite. Hopefully the matches cheer us up more so we'll be able to put all that "drama" out of our minds.

  • Paweł Zagumny will reite from NT after WCH in Poland:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Krzysztof Ignaczak wants to retire from NT after WCH too ;(

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Krzysztof Ignaczak wants to retire from NT after WCH too ;(

    If we'll get the medal... Ech. I thought French guys know best how real libero looks and works like and they'll motivate him to be alike Sergio. C'mon, in this shape he could play at least to Rio. But nah, Zatorski's playing now. I think I'll never like this guy and I realize how much horrible I am... Can't help. You can't replace the heart, the blood and the air of this team just like that.

  • I just read this interview with Fabian Drzyzga and I'm curious what you Polish people have to say about his comments on Anastasi

    Incredibly arrogant and misguided, especially this part: "Czemu tak było, wie tylko Anastasi, który, co najciekawsze, z tego co
    widziałem w mediach, czuje się też ojcem naszego tegorocznego sukcesu.
    Trochę mnie to śmieszy, ale cóż, mamy w końcu wolność słowa."

  • Grzegorz Bociek announced today that he has cancer of the lymphatic system and he has to go through chemiotherapy and is forced to suspend his carrer :(

    keep your fingers crossed for him, guys

    Good luck, Grzesiu

    I will pray for him

  • Grzegorz Bociek announced today that he has cancer of the lymphatic system and he has to go through chemiotherapy and is forced to suspend his carrer :(

    keep your fingers crossed for him, guys

    Good luck, Grzesiu

    Best wishes to him :heart:

    I can't respect such players. What a loser!

  • Oh my God, whole day living in unconsciousness... I just read news about Grześ Bociek ;( I can't even find any words. I will let the hope to grow slowly, from tomorrow maybe, because for now I have nothing but sorrow inside... ;(

  • I just read this interview with Fabian Drzyzga and I'm curious what you Polish people have to say about his comments on Anastasi

    Ah... Fabian clearly still is a brat who hasn't learned how to answer those kind of questions with proper utterance.

    In terms of Anastasi's setter decisions, I think he's right and wrong. I totally understand that he sticked on only one setter throughout all events and I guess he believed that Zygadlo was the very setter that can fully interpret his philosophy of game on court. However I totally disagree on the obsession in Zygadlo because to me Zygadlo is not outstanding enough to bench players like Fabian.

    Fabian is totally wrong about one thing - this victory is not a success of young players, and as a matter of fact all the key players in this team are all veterans. Just imagine a team without Wlalzy, Winiarski and Zagumny (which is pretty much what the team are about to look like next year), what can you really expect? So I guess if there's something should Anastasi be accused of, it must be that he didn't really bring a good young player to this team.

  • Today I watched both JSW and Treia. IMHO Bartman has more chances to come back to NT.

    We know Wlazly and Winiarski retired from NT, so we have 2 spots for OH and OPP (OPP will be starter for sure, OH has to challenge Kubiak's and Mika's position).

    Bartman can receive and digg far away better than Kurek, that today as usual went straight to bench after another poor performance. Neither spiking could help the guy today, since he made crucial mistakes, expecially the one who gave the first set to Verona.

    Treia - Verona : stats

    Resovia - JSW : stats

    I won't take stats too seriously: Resovia had a monster game on service, which is clearly shown by stats; on the other side the best server from Verona, Gasparini, had a bad day from the service line and Kurek still was so poor (9%).

    I think Bartman has strong chaches to play as receiving-opposite in NT, without forgetting he is very good digger. Kurek could just play as pure opposite.

    Both still could be back, but most of it depends on their behavior. Both could be drama queens. We know Zibi was out since Wlazly was back, but Kurek's cut is still bleeding and I don't know how his pride would make him act.

  • Well, Bartman is an oridnary player as OH and adding to his classic OP's duties reception part it could be a problem for Zibi and it may spoil overall harmony on court :wavy:
    We see that Kurek is horrible passer nowadays, so playing without reception can be also good for him ^^

    Antiga prefers good reception so putting Bartman as passer would be a similar sabotage to this with Kurek :wavy: I prefer either Mika - Kubiak or Kubiak - Buszek or Mika - Buszek as OHs :wavy:

    maybe someone else will show in league that can fight for OH spot - Ferens, Hebda, Zaliński, Wachnik or someone else...

    Kurek or Bartman can be alternates for OP spot, BUT WITHOUT PASSING :!: looking into competition both can find places as OPs in NT :wavy:

    Konarski is so weak OP and he can't be first option :aww: my favourite was Bociek, but he had to suspend career, what a poor guy ;(

    I wonder what will show all contenders in league, we can mention for example Bołądź, Kaczyński, Bućko, Muzaj, Jarosz, maybe Bednorz, Filip (maybe he'll be converted to OP for good) or Adamajtis ^^

    I hope that someone will stand out throughout whole season, the problem is lack of experience, but before this season Mika or Buszek didn't have such experience and we know what happened later :D

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • I don't see any chances for Bartman to be OH in Antiga's team. Unfortunately. Don't know what will be with Kurek, actually this topic bothers me that much that I don't want even to speculate :S I love my gold team, but still can't imagine NT without Kurek. Shoot me, but I truly can't.

  • I like Kurek. I really do. But I don't see him playing as OH in Antiga's NT anymore, not when other OHs are playing better. Dude should take the chance and switch over to OPP and be a starter in the team again in what he does best. I watched him during Treia's game today and it was just sad. Float serves, horrible reception, average spikes. Baranowicz had to run for the ball everytime he received one. Hell, even Bartman is doing better as an OH in JSW (doesn't mean much, but yeah).

    If not, who knows, maybe he can spend a season in Montpellier and learn to receive like Mika did. :roll:

  • Uuu Przedpełski has big problems.

    Even in TV show Him with hidden face.

    Big bribe in background.