German NT 2014

  • In normal conditions Kühner and Andrei should be out :wavy: if Tischer isn't ready, then he'll be out :teach:
    I hope that Heynen will reach an agreement with Günthör. Maybe I don't like him, but he should be even starter in NT ^^

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Simon Tischer won't be ready for WCH and will be replaced by Jan Zimmermann.
    Even though Heynen is always good for a surprise, i think it is quite certain now that he will take Sebastian Kühner to Poland.

    In the next week, the team will play some unofficial trainings matches vs. Australia.

    Other matches until WCH:
    12th + 13th August vs. Poland (unofficial)
    16th + 17th August vs. Italy (in Cavalese and Trento)
    26th + 27th August vs. USA (in Nordhausen)

  • Phillip Colin has been suspended from NT because obviously he missed out doping controlls on three ocasions during the last 18 months :wall:

    He hasn't been tested positively but it looks like he failed to use the Anti-Doping-Administrations-System (ADAMS) according to the rules. There will be further investigations but meanwhile he remains suspended and will definitely miss the WCH. :aww:

    This is a first blow to a good preparation so far. Heynen surely would have taken him to Poland and its a really sad story because it looked like he had become a good professional during the last two years.
    Now, we can really be lucky that Max Günthör returned to the team, so on the sports level the team shouldn't be affected too much.