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  • Ferretti is showing that she deserves to be in the NT.

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • Ferretti is showing that she deserves to be in the NT.

    Well, she desrves of course, vut she sometimes playes so ordinarily, especially when result is close like Startseva. Another player which I want to see is... Giulia Rondon. I know that she was criticised here many times :rolll: but from that time she improved so unexpectedly and should be in NT :teach: . On the other hand we still don't know new NT coach and who he prefers :whistle:

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  • Can't believe I'm saying this by myself...but Rondon definitely is needed this year! she's been proving that she's become a great setter. I seriously have no clue what the hell happend to her but she's having a great season so far. I would call her and Ferretti and the competition between them could be really interesting. I don't have anything against Lo bianco but both Rondon and Ferretti are far better than her right now. Some fans of her would say Italy NT needs an experienced setter but Leo right now doesn't seen to have energies to play full-time and she became too slow compared to last 4 years. Plus I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to be 2nd setter of NT and how would she stay with Piccinini btw? :thumbsup:

  • So Bonitta is NT coach officially :read: I don't know if it's a good decision after his conflicts with players in the past :whistle:

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  • Hahaha, I hope it's a funny joke, that's it. But really? why? :D He's one of those coaches who have had too many conflicts with players. He should be in a battle with Terzic perhaps. Is Piccinini going to be okay with this?

  • What do you guys think of calling Rosso for the NT.. she would be useful. She's 3d in the best scorer category and she a good receiver.. she and Bosetti would do the job.. Of course I would like to see Picci as a starting OH but Rosso should be called anyway

  • I agree with you, Valeria Rosso deserves to be in NT at the moment. Despite she is not very young she gets better and better every year, I hope Bonitta will give her a chance at least in wide roster.
    Another OH who should be called in NT is definitely Sara Loda.
    I think Rosso and Loda are better than Barcellini and Fiorin, and also better than Caterina Bosetti at the moment, and are needed much more than them.

    I want these OH this summer: Piccinini, Costagrande, L.Bosetti, C.Bosetti, Loda, Rosso, Sylla, Fiorin.
    Players like Gennari, Barcellini and Partenio are useless, as well as Di Iulio since we have many other OH who can receive as good as her but stronger in attack (she was needed last year without Piccinini, Lucia Bosetti and all the liberos injured but Barbolini left her out :aww: )

  • What do you think Tirozzi? She is also doing great job :super:

  • What do you think Tirozzi? She is also doing great job :super:

    In last season people in this forum hated her, because she "stolen place for young player in NT" :lol: While Fiorin and Barcellini (her teammates from Cone of similar age) was in NT too and nobody write that they're to old :whistle: :thumbsup:

    For question - probably Italy have better OHs now. Every OHs from Conegliano are at similar level (at all, of course every have different style), but Valentina probably will be useless in this season in Italy NT.

  • Bonitta is an interesting choice.

    I recall him saying in an interview a few years ago that he was NEVER coaching women's volleyball again. I haven't seen him coach a team in a long time (I rarely follow Italy's Junior Men's Volleyball). I wonder what has changed that he decided to take on the Women's NT head coach position again.

    He doesn't strike me as a player manager like McCutcheon. Nor a tactical coach like Lang Ping. Nor a strategist like Ze Roberto. Nor a motivator like Guidetti.

    Granted, my memory of Bonitta isn't very current. So maybe there are Italian fans who can share what to expect of him as a coach now?

  • Here is the interview Bonitta released yesterday:…_sar_pi_gentile-80334857/

    He says he has changed a lot since 2006 when players fired him, and now he will try to be more kind with them. He wants to make a team with a mix of young and experinced players, a team with strong personality and character, but also with powerful and tall players because he says female volleyball has become more muscular in the last yeras. As regards Lo Bianco, he will talk with her to verify her phisycal conditions and her expectations, and then decide.

    From this interview it seems now quite sure that we will see tall and powerful players like Diouf, Rondon, Chirichella and Folie in NT, together with more experienced ones like Piccinini, Barazza, Cardullo and Arrighetti, but Lo Bianco is not untouchable anymore and this is a very nice and surprising news! :drink: :woohoo:

  • My Italy 2014 - 2016

    Lo Bianco - Ferretti
    Ortolani - Centoni
    Piccininni - C. Bosetti - L. Bosetti - Fiorin - Del Core
    Barazza - Folie - Arrighetti - Giolli
    Cardullo - Merlo

  • from this article he just mentioned one name but not your daydreaming expectations.that's show how he concerned most:if leo could continue to contribute.

    italy has tall players but powerful? so kidding. diouf and chirechella are potencial but far away from being powerful.

    italy needs a balanced squad. like they did in 2007.

  • Aprillure, I am Italian and I can read and understand well articles written in my native language.
    In this interview Bonitta is not particularly concerned about Lo Bianco, the journalist asked him about her and he gave a clear answer: if she is physically and mentally ok she might be called to NT, depending also on her expectations which clearly means that Bonitta won't ensure her a position in Starting-Six. She has to fight for it like all the others, and THIS is a news!
    Moreover, when Bonitta says he wants tall and powerful players he clearly refers to Diouf and the other few Italian players who are over 190 cm, that are Chirichella, Folie and Rondon.
    If you think they are just tall but not powerful, this is your own opinion and I obviously don't agree with it. You can say they lack of experience or tecnique, but not that they are not powerful, especially Diouf.

  • i think NT is not providing a ensuring position for anyone if she could not be healthy and mentally prepared.

    i like Rondon early in barbolini time, even she has criticized for many times.i saw her potencial.and Diouf absolutely has a position in NT.But tall and powerful, Diouf is not right now.i think a balanced team is better for Italy because Italy is lacking tall and powerful girls.

    and more, Folie is 186cm not over 190cm. But i think she is the best among her generation.

    In fact, Italy needs OH,it's the fatal position.If OPP is Diouf,OH must be very balanced to make it up.but it's pityful there aren't many options.

  • Costagrande did not retire from NT, but maybe Bonitta doesn't want her? I don't know, but as far as I remember Bonitta has never been in favour of naturalized players in NT.