Italian NT 2014

  • If I were the coach I'd take
    S: Ferretti, Rondon
    OP: Centoni
    OH: Picci, L. Bosetti, Del Core, Fiorin, Sorokaite (also OPP)
    MB: Arrighetti, Calloni, Barazza, Folie
    L: Merlo, De Gennaro

    So I think it would be wiser to have 2 attacking OH since the other 3 are very good passers.. Having Diouf as sub is not so wise since Centoni should start and Sorokaite can play as OPP too in case of emergency, but she can come into court and spike some ball$. Its a pity all of a sudden there are so many good OHs who deserve to play in WCH.. Rosso and De Iulio also were very good

  • Rondon, Di Iulio and Rosso haven't been mentioned so far.

    So far Bonitta has officially called these:
    S: Ferretti, Agüero, Signorile
    OPP: Diouf, Centoni, Zago
    OH: Piccinini, Del Core, L.Bosetti, Fiorin, C.Bosetti, Loda, Sorokaite, Sylla
    MB: Arrighetti, Folie, Chirichella,
    L: Merlo, De Gennaro

    He said he is going to call 22 players for grand prix so the 3 missing names may be a 3rd libero and Jenny Barazza. Maybe also one more MB instead of a hitter, we'll see...

  • There are only 3 MBs, so there should be also Barazza and maybe libero or MB ^^

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  • Whata happened with Caracuta and Rondon?
    Signorile is a young setter, however during Mencarelli era, her performance wasnt so good. Italy played a boring system and Signorile was very predictable.


    Bonitta said he will rely on Arrighetti, Folie, Chirichella and Bonifacio as MBs this summer... i think this means we won't even see Barazza in NT this summer, a bit risky IMO considering Chirichella and Bonifacio are so young and unexperienced :huh:

    Diouf and Centoni will be the two Opposites and he said the competition between them for the starting position will be very hard... this means no Ortolani.

    As regards Caterina Bosetti, Bonitta said she's a big talent but not a world class players yet. He thinks she needs to work a lot because recently she has played very bad. She will be in the list for Grand Prix but a place in the WCH is not guaranteed for her..

    By the end of this week we will know the list of the 16 main players + 6 back-ups. All 22 players will work together in the same group and all of them must be ready in case of necessity...

    16 main players should be:
    Ferretti, Agüero
    Centoni, Diouf
    Piccinini, Del Core, L.Bosetti, Fiorin, Sorokaite, C.Bosetti
    Arrighetti, Folie, Chirichella, Bonifacio
    Merlo, De Gennaro

    6 back-ups might be:
    Loda, Sylla
    Pisani ???
    Sirressi ???

  • My Italy 12 players:

    Ferretti - Aguero

    Centoni - Diouf (I dont like Diouf, I prefer Ortolani).

    Piccinini - L.Bosetti - Del Core - Fiorin

    Arrighetti - Chirichella - Folie


  • I think Bonitta is doing right by calling both Chirichella and Bonifacio. Both of them are exceptional players and keep improving in short time. Also Folie is young. Adapting these three MB to team from now will payoff during 2016 OG. About C. Bosetti, although she didn't have her best season, she is still a decent player and can contribute as much as others. To me, 4th OH in the roster must be C. Bosetti if both Piccinini and Del Core would play. The only player I don't like in the roster is Sorokaite, Barcellini deserves more although she is also not a great player.


    Francesca Ferretti (1984, 180 cm)
    Taismary Agüero (1977, 178 cm)
    Noemi Signorile (1990, 183 cm)
    Ofelia Malinov (1996, 182 cm)

    Valentina Diouf (1993, 202 cm)
    Nadia Centoni (1981, 185 cm)
    Serena Ortolani (1987, 187 cm)

    Middle Blockers:
    Valentina Arrighetti (1985, 189 cm)
    Raphaela Folie (1991, 186 cm)
    Cristina Chirichella (1994, 195 cm)
    Sara Bonifacio (1996, 188 cm)
    Floriana Bertone (1992, 202 cm)

    Outside Hitters:
    Francesca Piccinini (1979, 185 cm)
    Antonella Del Core (1980, 182 cm)
    Lucia Bosetti (1989, 175 cm)
    Valentina Fiorin (1984, 187 cm)
    Caterina Bosetti (1994, 180 cm)
    Indre Sorokaite (1988, 188 cm)
    Sara Loda (1990, 178 cm)

    Enrica Merlo (1988, 170 cm)
    Monica De Gennaro (1987, 173 cm)
    Stefania Sansonna (1982, 175 cm)

  • In my opinion, this team looks better than the Olympic squad. There's more options on bench and strategically talking. The players have different qualities and can change the game in several pathways.
    It's hard to figure out how Aguero suits the hitters at setter, but there's other setters for a replacement if needed.
    I don't know if Bonitta is a good coach. I think the roster is good and competitive. From now on, it depends on the staff job. Good luck! :win:

  • I don't know if Bonitta is a good coach. I think the roster is good and competitive. From now on, it depends on the staff job. Good luck! :win:

    He is. He had a lot personal problems both in Italian and Polish national teams, but from coaching point of view I think he's one of the best. During 2 years with our team our players reached their absolute physical top. Right now we have to sum up numbers from 3 years to achieve what we had back then. He's a monster on trainings, but thanks to that the team knows what to do on court during the match. He's good tactitian too.

  • Piccinini will be the capitan in Bonitta's team.

    Im quite happy with that info...but I must say...the world does turn around! :rolll:

    This is Karma, bye bye Gioli :wavy: :lol:

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  • Picci :drink: Bonitta :drink:

    Barbolini, Gioli, Leo :wavy: :wavy: :wavy:

  • My only ?( is Ortolani... I know Zago is there no other opp, better than Ortolani?

  • Leo, Simo... :wavy: :wavy: :wavy: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :dance6: :dance6: :dance6:

    PICCININI: she's the Queen! :cup: :cup: :cup:

    Heheheh. I think I've stated it before - I nevar was a fan of Italian NT, but today, seeing this roster, I'm very happy about how things turned out and yes, I will cheer for them :super:

    Bye Leo and Simo. I'll miss you. NOT. :wavy:

  • actually the goal for italy nt is to at least get a medal in the wch because even if you hate a person the only way is to move forward and the way to do that is match your performance when they were still with the team or do better and win more.