2014 European League

  • 2 Best will go to 2015 World Grand Prix?

    I don't remember Slovenia in international competition.. after Youth and Junior good level it seems They have begun to build Senior Team.

  • I`m happy that Poland will join to this party :thumbsup:

  • Guidetti said that Germany will play EL without the main players from last year and use it to allow young players to gain experience, at least in preliminary...

    And now Guidetti says that the best players will play the first weekend at home against Spain :white: Probably he wants to check their form...

    This year there are plenty of young players who should get a chance to play for NT in EL, the "old" generation can still play enough in WGP to prepare for WCH...

  • This year there will be no Final Four tournament in EL because nobody wanted to host it, the winners of the pools will play two final matches, home and away, like in CEV and Challenge Cup.

    From CEV site:

    As no competing National Federation applied to organise the Women’s Final Round and as we are limited by time due to the tight international calendar and the upcoming FIVB World Grand Prix (starting already on July 25), only a final will be played with Home and Away Matches.

    The winner of both pools (A1 & B1) will be qualified for the final (F1 and F2).

    A draw has been done to see which team plays the second match (F2) at home:

    • F1 = A1 vs B1
    • F2 = B1 vs A1


    Final 1st Leg: Wednesday 16th July (organised by A1)

    Final 2nd Leg: Saturday 19th July (organised by B1)

  • aaa interesting! so our pool's fav. is Bulgaria (full roster) considering we will play with B or young players...Azerbaijan also could be fav...for the other pool....i wonder if Germany will play with A team or younger ones? if with younger ones after playing A team in the first week .I dont know with who Poland will play then i cant estimate who can win the pool....anyone :!: ......maybe Germany,Poland or even Spain or Greece :lol: ...

    so final could be : Bulgaria - Germany/Poland or Azerbaijan/Germany-Poland...maybe we can make a surprise winning our pool making to the final. :gone:

  • I read in CEV regulations that Germany and Bulgaria need to register at least 8 or 9 (I'm not sure and too lazy to check) players that participated in ECH 2013 and the other countries at least 6. But since 24 players can be registered, there still is enough space for other players...

  • Why only Bulgaria and Germany ?( and others 6 ?( Turkey for instance doesn't have 6 players from previous ECh roster :whistle:

  • Turkey's 24-player roster :
    Players for European League
    some players's spike and block reach look doubtful to me..
    Gözde Yılmaz : 315 spike , 312 block ?? this girl cant jump well ,that 312 block reach seems unreal!!
    Ceren Kestirengöz : 312 spike,309 block ? this girl like gözde cant jump high...309 block reach seems unreal !
    Özgenur Yurtdagülen : 311 spike,308 block ? this girl's block reack seems unreal !
    Kübra Akman : 300 spike 270 block ?? :lol: this girl is 197 cm tall and Her spike and block reach must be higher than that! Probabaly must be the highest reach!

  • Bulgarian roster for 2014 European league

    Setters: Tsvetelina Nikolova, Petia Barakova, Kristina Guncheva
    Opposites:Gabriela Tsvetanova, Silvana Chausheva, Ralina Doshkova
    MB: Mira Todorova, Viktoria Grigorova, Milena Dimova, Nasia Dimitrova
    OH: Gergana Dimitrova, Simona Dimitrova,Gergana Petrova, Miroslava Paskova
    Líberos: Zhana Todorova, Kristin Kolchagova

    Coaches : Ivan Petkov and Radoslav Bakardjiev.

    PS : Darker names are girls who were been invited or trained with the first team.