2014 European League

  • wasn't Meliha one of the best recievers in Turkish League anyway ? and dude chill up your post is full of anger lol like Canter said Gozde became what she is in her late twenties so no need to be so agressive against simple comment which pretty much says that she has big potential and btw Gozdes reception was shaky in last Nt games as far as i remember her team performance and her Nt performance are two different stories so :whistle:

    Im not angry at all! I have been saying that Meliha should be a starter in this team and I think she is the most stable OH among Gözde Yilmaz, Seyman Ercan etc. Team won almost all games after she joined. However her reception and defense were not good enough and she should improve her attacks as well which was what I observed. The stats does not always reflect what is going on. There has been direct aces made around her which is not of course reflected in her receiving stats. If she wants to be a part of A team where she will attack against much stronger MBs and better defenders, she has to improve her skills. Anyway I hope she will learn a lot from Bosetti and KYK in Fenerbahce and I hope she will find time to play there.

  • I agree with your comments. I think there is no need such a fuss. This championship has no value. It only helps young players to get experience on international level. Although we reached gold medal, I would prefer to have one player who could make it to WCh roster. :whistle: However, by comparing overall performance of those players there is no player who would contribute more than their predecessors.

    Setters: Çağla Akın was the best among the setters, yet she is not even close to level of even Asuman Karakoyun, she lacks variety in her game a lot. Neither Gamze Alikaya nor Ezgi Dilik would be in NT-A unless they unexpectedly imrove their of their sets. To be honest, I don't see any potential in none of those setters to be better players than Elif Ağca, Nilay Özdemir or Özge Çemberci, by considering their performance in junior level.

    Opp: Yeliz Başa proved that she is a very overrated player. She has nothing special in her technique. She is not a reliable scorer against even a bunch of young players. :wall: Instead of her, investing on Polen Uslupehlivan and Gözde Yılmaz, who are younger and more talented than Yeliz, is much wiser in my opinion. Gözde Yılmaz had a good season but she is not neither a better attacker nor better receiver than Neriman&Seda. We couldn't see much performance from Ceren Kestirengöz who has been injured again. All in all, there is no improvement in this position neither.

    OHs:Meliha is an interesting player. She had a decent season in İlbank. However, I think she has left İlbank way very earlier than it is supposed to be. She shouldn't waste her potential in bench of FB. If I were in her shoes, I would play 1 or 2 more years as a starter to prove myself and then sign with top teams. Even Gs would be much wiser than signing with FB. By the way it is really surprising to see a beach volleyball player with such a weak reception and defence performance :what: Cansu Çetin is a good defensive OH whereas still she is not in the level of even Güldeniz Önal. For sure, Şeyma Ercan was the biggest disappointment among OHs

    MBs: Özgenur is very very inconsistent player. I liked Ceylan Arısan's technique better than Özge's. Unfortunately, Ferhat has chosen Özge over Ceylan. :down: Kübra has a big physical advantage against short attacker. However I also agree with Meatb alls about the fact that how slow she was when Apitz started to increase the speed of her sets. I do believe that Bahar and even Gökçen Denkel could make as much as block she did in last matches if they have played instead of Kübra. However, I am convinced that she will improve a lot under the guidance of Guidetti by considering how much he improved Gözde's and Polen's level in recent years. Meanwhile, there is still no explanation about the absence of Dicle Nur Babat in European League roster :what: I thought she would be in GP roster yet she is not even in wide roster :white:

    Only revelation of this European League might be Gizem Örge. She once more time proved that she is better receiver than Gizem Güreşen. I hope that Barbolini would have b alls to play with her in WCh. :rolleyes:

  • meliha is a good blocker but everything else are mediocre, "stats do not tell the whole story" well the stats also say that she is not good in receive and attacks so this time it matched the perception of viewers, i evaluate a player depending on her role in the team ex. basa, alikaya are good player if we treat them as bench but starters of course they are not enough.

  • Its also very interesting that we talk about 21 years as a young age that is open to improvement. For sure it is, if you go to a team where you can play regularly and get trained by a good coach like Guidetti. However we should also remember that Naz started to play high level volleyball even when she was 15-16. Neslihan was carrying her team when she was in 20s. But unfortunately, most young Turkish players choose teams that they can only wait on bench. This season in Turkey will be very interesting and critical to see which of these players from this generation will survive :win:

    About Diclenur, I guess there is something that we don't know about her. Probably she is injured etc? Otherwise I don't see a single explanation to her lack of absence. About Ceylan Arisan, she has a really strong shoulder. She hits the ball really hard but I think her timing is quite off and she hits the ball very low.

    Honestly I started to feel worried about GsD considering that all MBs are young and inexperienced as well as the only proper setter is Gamze. I hope they will transfer a reliable MB and another proper setter.

  • i also like Ceylan Arısan . Her problem is her blocks...she has a very good height (193 cm) for blocking but she isnt good at it. I believe in her potential but she herself has to believe in it.She has to find a team to play anymore...

    btw..21 is not too early an age for a player (but the context is important here) in comparison with 29- yo,yes its an early age..