2014 CEV European League

  • Simply I had to laugh at Slovenians. Dunno what happened but to lose vs one man team is a total joke. What came in my mind iscthey choked under the pressure. Slovenia missed Pajenk, Greeks were wo Fragkos, Petreas etc.

    Macedonia also choked so we have pool A finals, Montenegro vs Greece. On other side this means there wont be new European team in WL these federations cant fullfil WL conditions (most probably)

    I couldn't watch Slovenia vs. Greece because the World League games were more interesting, but the result kind of shocked me as well. Even with half of their squad Slovenia should've had no trouble making it to the final. Greece is indeed a one-man team. Slovenia was the clear favourite in this tournament. Now we have a Balkan final. This Montenegrin team coached by Slobodan Boskan is playing quite OK and has some skilled players. They have made a step up in the recent 2-3 years, they also have players missing, but what they showed during the group stage wasn't bad.