Unpopular opinions

  • I wish regional leagues:

    Black Sea league:
    russia -->kazan, moskow, krasnodar
    azerbaycan -->bakus
    turkey -->1. - 2.teams
    Ukrainian -->Khimik
    others -->

    Mediterranean league:
    italy -->1. - 2. - 3.teams
    turkey -->3. - 4.- 5.teams
    France --> RC Cannes, Le Cannet
    others -->

    Balkan league:
    romania -->Bucuresti, tomis
    serbia -->vizura
    Slovenia -->Calcit Volleyball Kamnik
    turkey -->6. - 7.teams
    others -->

    europa league:
    Switzerland --> Voléro Zürich
    Czech Republic --> VK AGEL Prostějov
    Germany --> Dresdner SC, Allianz MTV Stuttgart
    Poland --> Chemik Police, Atom Trefl Sopot
    italy -->4. - 5. teams
    others -->

    baltic league:
    orhers -->

    later grand champions league :

    first three team from Black Sea league
    first two team from Mediterranean league
    first two team from europa league
    first team from Balkan league
    first team from baltic league
    first team from other leagues
    two wild card :rolll:

  • - Without Bartman is big miss for Polish NT, Zibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii where are you?! Without you i'm not watching matches anymore. :love:
    - Without Kurek is big miss for Polish NT - crying of people before WCH, (after reaction: I didn't say that! Where is it? We are thee champiooons, we are the champioons)
    - Poland won WCH because they had own public :!: :!: (said some foreign fans)
    - Resovia with Kurek will be stronger than with Ivovic

    - Kurek looks sweet :P
    - Skowrońska is hot (LOL yes with kilogram of orange foundation and with 2 kilograms of eyeliner, just coal mine, dark hair dye and piercing :love: ). (How rude I am... Sorry).

    Before WCH when Antiga didn't call Kurek...

    I think Antiga is jelaouss of Kurek popularity, skills and he remembers when Kurek played in Skra and Antiga was because of him only reserve player. I think it's kind of revenge.

    Oh dear people, it's only little piece of big s.hit what we have on Polish volleyball forums. :D