Unpopular opinions

  • Furst is (and has always been) overrated

  • - Without Bartman is big miss for Polish NT, Zibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii where are you?! Without you i'm not watching matches anymore. :love:
    - Without Kurek is big miss for Polish NT - crying of people before WCH, (after reaction: I didn't say that! Where is it? We are thee champiooons, we are the champioons)
    - Poland won WCH because they had own public :!: :!: (said some foreign fans)
    - Resovia with Kurek will be stronger than with Ivovic

    - Kurek looks sweet :P
    - Skowrońska is hot (LOL yes with kilogram of orange foundation and with 2 kilograms of eyeliner, just coal mine, dark hair dye and piercing :love: ). (How rude I am... Sorry).

    Before WCH when Antiga didn't call Kurek...

    I think Antiga is jelaouss of Kurek popularity, skills and he remembers when Kurek played in Skra and Antiga was because of him only reserve player. I think it's kind of revenge.

    Oh dear people, it's only little piece of big s.hit what we have on Polish volleyball forums. :D