2014 Winter Olympic Games - Sochi / Russia - 02/07

  • After the final result came out, Sotnikova run to the russian judge and gave a big hug. The judge is a wife of the president of russian figure federation

  • Her component marks were as high as Kim’s, but the idea that Sotnikova is anywhere as close to an artist as Kim is laughable. They are both good, yes, but there are levels of good. One is good in the way you call your grandmother a good dancer because she does the cha-cha slide at the family reunion. The other is a prima ballerina. - via Washsington Post

    A scandal, again. The judges offered Russia's first Olympic champion in figure skating history. Adelina Sotnikova but did not deserve ... - via L'Equipe (the most popular french sport journal)

    While the hosts of the Sochi Games rejoiced in hailing the teenager who had finally ended the motherland's long search for a women's champion, there was confusion, bewilderment and outrage outside Russia about a result that seemed steeped in bias. "How the hell were Yuna and Sotnikova so close in the components, I just don't get it?" exclaimed Canadian great Kurt Browning. via CBC

    A high-ranking Olympic figure skating official, who spoke to USA TODAY sports on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the topic, said the geographic makeup of the judging panel "was clearly slanted towards (Olympic gold medalist) Adelina Sotnikova," adding "this is what they can do." via USAtoday

    Scandal judgment. International ensures the Olympic victory of the Russian Sotnikowa outrage. Many experts see the Korean Kim Yuna disadvantaged. The focus will be the judges. At least one could have been biased. via FrankfurtRundschau

  • This can be easily explained as this chart is fixed! Why Kim's "results" is a straight line? She hasn't been skating in any competition tyhis year. If she would this chart would look very different. Even at OG the main event of the year Kim looked heavy and slow and didn't perform the same difficulty as she did last year. So during the season she could have ups and down just like the other ones. Sotnikova's gold is 100% deserved and it's a disgrace how Coreans and Canadians act in defeat.

  • I used to respect Kim, but now seeing all the sh*t that comes from her fans I'm glad she has finally retired.

  • Most of all we’d be talking about the Queen, the most ferocious women’s figure skater in the history of the Olympics. She put on a textbook short program, displaying a newfound sophistication and maturity on the ice.

    ...Credit needs to go to Sotnikova, the most unaccomplished women’s champion in the history of the Olympics.

    - Washington Post

  • Why are you keep quoting this nonsense here?

  • well, I rather stop here because there are so many articles and reviews claim about the injustice happened at the women single figure competition at Sochi. I intended to show that the majority of the world did not agree with judge and of course russian.

    One more last!
    92% of Americans also think Sotnikova did not deserve it! from ESPN research

  • Oh yeah, I see it now, it's of huge importance what all the people financially involved in Kim has to say now. And of course 1 Russian judge scores meant more than 9 others. You're obviously very adequate on this, so please, continue with quoting.

  • Oh, no-no, don't stop! it's so important. What people of Honduras think on who should win?

  • Congrats to Adelina. She made a great performance but I personally prefer Carolina Kostner. She was a bit better in a technical aspect.

    About Kim, I think she also did a fabulous job as she showed 4 years ago, so she deserves the silver anyway. I know that there are tons of people over the world (perhaps mostly in South Korea I assume) saying it was a home cooking which all the referees gave too much points to the Russian. Not really sure if it was or not but to me, both of them performed like real queens. Although I still like Kostner better. Happy for her bronze anyway.

    I laughed my ass off when I watched a swedish documentary that was filmed in Sochi. One swedish journalist visited an international hotel that doesn't seem to be as horrible as it really is and basically she had made a week reservation before she came but 3 days later she was asked to leave all of a sudden because some important russian journalists (according to lady of the hotel desk wanted to stay in her room and payed more money. Plus she found out a tiny camera where she takes a shower...not really sure if she was serious or making a joke about it. I was like "How do those things happen on the earth? :D " She also talked about her visits to Vancouver 4 years ago also London in 2002.

    Sweden didn't really rock this time...they struggled at many sports, we should have gotten higher than Norway anyway. Too bad.

  • I was also supporting Carolina, she was the real Queen there. I have never seen her jumping so easily, she was in a form of her life.
    It's really interesting to know the truth how these Games went. Here in Russia it's impossible. I thought it would be a real disaster, but maybe turned out not? Not sure - I would really like to know your view on that from what you heard of course.

  • Well, I'm hoping that what she said was exaggerated otherwise it would sound so much weird that An olympic host city having those outrageous things.

    Btw, why the heck did Victor An become a russian? South Korea doesn't seem to be as awful as wanting to be nationalized...or I'm wrong? ;)

  • Well, I'm hoping that what she said was exaggerated otherwise it would sound so much weird that An olympic host city having those outrageous things.

    Btw, why the heck did Victor An become a russian? South Korea doesn't seem to be as awful as wanting to be nationalized...or I'm wrong? ;)

    It's a long story, I'll try to make it as short as possible. You probably know how this Og is important for Putin. He even said that "these Games got to show to the world the might of my kingdom!" (of course he said Russian country as 2 last words, but we all know what he truly meant). So for this to happen losts of money were invested to the sports federations from mid of last decade. But as it always happens here the money were stolen by federations chief, nothing was done to rise athletes and for some time noone cared. But then Vancouver OG happened in 2010. And Russia had only 3 golds and 11th place - way-way the worst result of all time. So the situation got really difficult for sports authorities - it was obvious that new athletes in Russia won't appear, but the goal to win Sochi Games was of course still on. So the only thing they could do - to find champions abroad. And the hunt was on. I know that Justyna Kovalchik was under big interest, also they tried to buy some dutch speed skaters, they turned down. But of course there are always peolple who wouldn't reject money.That's the way An has became Russian, American rider Wild, Ukranian figure skater Volosozhar, some Belarus freestylers and many others. And it's obvious now that this tactics worked.
    Considering all that I still think that Adelina's win was deserved one, I watch FS for more than 20 years and I've seen some strange results, but this is not the case here.

  • Why are you keep quoting this nonsense here?

    Here is Your "nonsense":

    Kim Yuna gets a 0 for her perfect jump from a Russian judge

    Sotnikova got 149pts after free skat, Kim in Vancouver 150 pts. Look for Her performance and You will see joke.

    By the way- who wouldn't be suprise if Russian said- Yes, Gold had to get Kim.

  • I want to add something about Victor An or Hyun-Soo Ahn as he was called earlier. He was in Korean short track skating NT till January 2008 when he injured knee. Yet in 2006 his father had quarel with Korean Skating Union. Later he was back in 2008 to trainings, but because of complicated qualification system and being in 2008 not able to start in World Cup, he didn't qualify to Olympic Games in Vancouver. Later, in 2011 Russians offered him joining to Russian NT and he started getting awards again. In these Olympic Games he was one of the brightest stars :thumbsup:

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Thanks for answering :super: Short Track is not a popular sport in Sweden, we're more into Ice-hokey, snowboarding stuff.

  • For the end of that joke with Ladies' Figure Skating scores- very curious what will show Sotnikova in March during World Championships in Japan.. Player who "has" 74.64 and 149 can't have lower scores maybe -2 max -3.

    We will see real performance there.

  • Thanks for answering :super: Short Track is not a popular sport in Sweden, we're more into Ice-hokey, snowboarding stuff.

    Sweden will play Ice Hockey final tomorrow :drink: :drink: :drink:

    Unfortunately, I think Canada will win the gold.

  • For sure You were drunk if You saw difficult steps sequence in Sotnikova's program.

    :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

    I was going to explain to you how the rules work and why Yuna Kim lost gold not because of Russian judge, but because she was doing double jumps when Sotnikova did triples. But now I won't bother, I see you're true expert here))) And yes, Adelina's steps were much faster and more difficult and that's why she got level 4 and Kim got level 3. And this levels are being awarded not by judges but by technical specilists who were not Russian. You can protest all your life for all I care really. Btw, I agree that short program of Kim's was underestimated, but she surely lost in long and not only to Adelina but also to Carolina.