2014 / 2015 Transfer News

  • I think Modena is more likely to sign Caterina Bosetti instead of Lucia, because Lucia is much more expensive at the moment and Piacenza will probably make her a very big offer to convince her to stay. Piccinini and Rousseaux have been playing a great season so far, so Lucia will never go there to be their back-up.. while Caterina IMO suits more that role because of her young age.

  • If this turn out to be true then....
    Galatasaray - Good choice by Larson, I don't know about Ana because of passing she may not be able to do what she really can

    ECZACIBASI - Good choice by Megan, it will be a balanced duo with Esra.. But didn't Havelkova sign a 2 yer contract?!

    VAKIFBANK - Good move by Vakif since Gozde and Costa were not enough fire power.. I hope Meijners adapts to the team well

    DINAMO KAZAN - If Larson goes then Brankica woul be good attacking option for them but Del Core and Ulanova would have a much bigger responsibility

    DINAMO MOSCOW - Finally a great move by Moskow and Cruz too, she'll make their passing stronger and I hope they sign a foreigner setter.. Obmochaeva, Kosheleva Cruz and middles :super:

    RABITA BAKU - great job by Rabita since they made many mistakes this year.. Lloyd is great, Tom and Brenda (if she stays) will rock the passing and I can only imagine what carli will do... I'm already excited

    IGTIDASHI BAKU - i don't like this move by Hooker.. especially since I dislike this club.. most of all about their unprofessionalism.. I would like to see Destinee in Fernerbahce.. she liked to play in turkey too.. Imagine she and Alisha and Kim :super:

  • but if the issue about destinee is true then it wont be easy for her to play in clubs

    Meaning what? I pretty sure she'll find a club very easily since she is a great OPP.. She's with her husband for a long time.. then he was her boyfriend and there was also an incident in Brazil, but I can't see how any club would are for her private life as long as she steps on court and scores 20+ points

  • hopefully Brankica is not going to Kazan! :obey: let's go back to RC Cannes or Volero Zurich!!! :flower:

  • sorry !!! Emil , kondzio

    I'm F_Bergamo but I'm not a Zack31 not me 100% Sure.

    I change user is M_COTOX

    Ok, but it won't change the fact, that you also wrote some stupid rumours in transfer thread :whistle: the same was in Italian NT thread and with drawing of lots for women's CL :rolll:

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