2014 / 2015 Transfer News

  • No mate, She only has played in Korea not Japan.

    As far as I know a bunch of Croatians and Serbians played in Japan (Usic, Cutura, Nikolic, Molnar, Nesovic, Brakocevic, Barbara Jelic and maybe some others...) and they loved playing there. I think it may have been one reason for her choosing Japan.

  • Russian MB Tatiana Shchukina has signed with Leningradka.

    According to a russian sports magazine, Russian women's super league next year will only have ten teams due to the financial problems of Hana Morin and Novi Urengoy.

  • I don't like her choice. She has been playing in Japan before this right? And her current form was very good so I think playing in a bigger European club would be much better for her since in Japan her role would be the most of all the scoring and she has other qualities to offer.

    She was member of Turkish Bursa in last 2 years. Dunno her reasons for move to Japan, she said: "It's my the best contract in career". Only serious offer she had is Osasco's, no European teams mentioned. :win:

  • Pomì Casalmaggiore in a press conference has just officially announced:

    Taismary Agüero - setter
    Valentina Tirozzi - OH
    Marika Bianchini - OH

    So Casalmaggiore will have super great servers if we add also Zago :serve: :cheesy:

  • Ewelina Sieczka (OH) from Impel Wrocław to Beef Master Budowlani Łódź. IMHO leaving Tauron she wasted too much time on bench mostly in Atom, but also in Impel in last season. She's neither reliable spiker no good receiver nowadays, maybe she'll get better in Budowlani :whistle:
    Katarzyna Wysocka (L) from Pałac Bydgoszcz to Siódemka SK Bank Legionovia Legionowo, she'll replace Magdalena Saad.

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Apparently Cassalmaggiore has made a pretty stable roster, I even think they're stronger than Conegliano or Piacenza so far.

    Aguero as setter, the great Stevanovic, Ortolani and Tirozzi as offensive OH, Gennari and Biancchini as defensive ones. Plus Sirressi is always worthy of watching :heart:

  • Carmen Turlea, Raffaella Calloni, Alessandra Petrucci, Chiara Negrini and Giulia Pascucci in San Casciano

    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Women's Champions League 2012/2013
    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Women's European League 2011
    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Women's Champions League 2010/2011
    Gold Medal - Prediction Game - Women's European League 2010
    Silver Medal - Prediction Game - Women's Champions League 2009/2010
    Bronze Madal - Prediction Game - Women's European League 2013