2014 South American Games - Santiago / Chile - 03/08

  • Argentina is the most experienced team. We can see players that were already lined-up in senior competitions. Other theams have a pretty young roster.

    Brazilian players and their respective clubs
    Ana Beatriz Rodrigues Franklin - ponteira - Fluminense F.C.
    Eduarda Regina Cavatão - central - Notridame
    Gabriela Cândido Martins - ponteira - Regina Mundi
    Karoline Tormena - ponteira - ADC Bradesco
    Laiza Figueiredo Ferreira - oposto - ADC Bradesco
    Lana Silva Conceição - ponteira - E.C. Pinheiros
    Lorenne Geraldo - ponteira - E.C. Pinheiros
    Luisa Cruz P Domingues - central - Fluminense F.C.
    Lyara Batista Medeiros - levantadora - ADC Bradesco
    Mariane Tamires Casas - Central - Blu Vôlei
    Sabrine Ellin Wagner - ponteira - Cascavel
    Thais Evellin de Oliveira - levantadora - E.C. Pinheiros

    Brazil scheduled
    08.03 (Sábado) - 18h - Brasil x Colombia
    09.03 (Domingo) - 18h - Peru x Brasil
    10.03 (Segunda-Feira) - 18h - Brasil x Argentina
    11.03 (Terça-Feira) - 16h - Brasil x Uruguai
    12.03 (Quarta-Feira) - 20h - Chile x Brasil


  • Brazil beat Argentina in 5 yesterday. This was the match I was worried about at the begining of the competition.
    The huge surprise is Chile. They are playing on home turf and motivated in the extreme. Also they have some senior players in the squad.
    Chile is on a roll now with 3 wins in a row. I think they are in Brazilians league and able to compete with Brazil for the gold. Today is their first big match against Argentina. Tomorrow they will take on Brazil. If they beat Argentina, tomorrow's match will be a great final. :super:
    Of course, I'm not talking about a professional level.

  • Argentina 3x0 chile

    chile 3x1 brasil

    with these results argentina, brazil and chile finished with 4 victories and 1 defeat and point system determined final positions:

    GOLD : argentina 13 pts
    SILVER: chile 12 pts
    BRONZE: brasil 11 pts
    4th place: peru
    5th place: colombia
    6th place: uruguay.

    Argentina took advantage of the surprising victory of Chile over Brasil - the first ever in more than 30 years.

    As indicated in previous post, Brasil sent their U-19 team with almost the same roster that got the bronze medal at the 2013 u-18 world championship meanwhile Argentina sent a senior B-team and Chile a combined U-23 and U-19 team.